2021 Report to Our Community

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Vega Ashley and Jeremy Cox Ms. Patricia Brown Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Witt Mr. and Mrs. Jared E. Policastro Stellar Foundation Mari Terbrueggen Darleen R. Unger Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Blakely, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Phelps Robert and Mica Brown

Mrs. Cynthia Tomlin Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Felix A. Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Wilfrid W. Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Warrell Mr. and Mrs. Roger Dockery Cynthia Bird Mr. and Mrs. Kent Lipham Mr. and Mrs. A.J. McGuinness Mrs. Karen Berger Rev. James J. Cardosi Mr. Jay W. Monahan and Dr. Susan R. Monahan Dr. Warren Keene Mrs. Roberta Cleary Mr. and Mrs. Julian B. Coomes II Green Bay Packers Mr. and Mrs. Felix Crawford Dr. Todd and Katherine Batenhorst Duval Motor Company Charity, Inc. St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park Ambassador Marilyn McAfee Mr. Michael Mullin Ms. Janet Clements Mr. Leon Carrero The Marion W. Minton & Walter J. Minton Foundation, Inc. David A. Baker Dr. Robert C. Nuss and Dr. Ann Harwood-Nuss Mr. Donald W. Maley Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Day The Harvey & Lois Dann Foundation, Inc Mary L. Dolan Mr. and Mrs. Alan Stroble Mr. E. Karl Frisch MedMal Direct Insurance Company Vic and Linda Yerrill Mrs. Karen L. King The Andes Family The Family of William Eugene Hudson

Cornelia R. Robbins Mr. E. Robert Burkart Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Dugan, Jr. Mrs. Voncile Jackson

Dr. Jeffrey H. Levenson and Dr. Ilene S. Levenson Walter and Bonnie Kurosko

Susan & Bristol Winkler Endowment in memory of John A. Winkler Women's Leadership Council Endowment Kelsi Leah Young Respite Care Endowment Fund Alan and Pam Green Endowment

J. H. Markham, Jr.* Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Brent Mayo Mr. and Mrs. Brent Mayo Ms. Frances W. McCurry

Sharon Rosenblum A-B Distributors, Inc. Angela Jones Arnett

Mr. Rodney Carr Margaret Richard Mrs. Ellen Wallwork

William G. McDonnell* Katherine A. McDonnell* Mr. and Mrs. John C. McIlvaine Joseph Menaged* Myrtle H. Mikkelsen* Mr. and Mrs. Tom A. Mills Mr. Jay W. Monahan and Dr. Susan R. Monahan John H. Moore II*

We would like to thank those who have included Community Hospice & Palliative Care in their estate and other financial planning.

Scott Milligan Jeffrey Mann Mrs. Lynn DeLoatch Mrs. Christina Langston Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Garro, Jr. Lorena Doolittle Brooks Brothers Trailers Christ Episcopal Church Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cameron Margaret Greer Edmiston Pat and Brendan O'Connell Ms. Cecelia M. McCarton Mr. and Mrs. Peter Orlando Mrs. Jayne Daube Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Braddock Mr. and Mrs. John W. Basso Mrs. Fran Coxwell Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Ferber The Walmart Foundation Andrew and Nolan Mackin Prozes Ms. Cynthia Fort Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Buchholz Mrs. Leslie Mann Elizabeth C. McNabb Stephen and Helen Archibald Mr. and Mrs. Raj Shetty Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Robbins Susan McKeever and John Quattrochi The Lietch Family Capt. and Mrs. Daniel Flynn Denise and Paul Kotos Teresa Lawrence Mr. Robert Giebeig Col. Audrey J. Lewis Cheryl Player

We would like to acknowledge and deeply thank the families who have made it possible for Community Hospice & Palliative Care to expand to ten centers for caring and continue our work in Northeast and North Central Florida. It is because of you that our patients and their families continue to receive the quality care and comfort that so many rely on. Community Hospice Centers for Caring Earl B. Hadlow Center for Caring George and Margaret Morris Center for Caring Dr. Gaston J. Acosta-Rua Center for Caring Anne and Donald McGraw Center for Caring Bailey Family Center for Caring at Flagler Health+ Community Hospice Center for Caring at Ascension St. Vincent’s Riverside Hospital Jane and Bill Warner Center for Caring Community Hospice Center for Caring at Ascension St. Vincent’s Southside Hospital Alice and T. O’Neal Douglas Center for Caring at Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville Community Hospice at Baptist Medical Center South Endowment Funds Assaf Family Endowment in memory of Barbara Browning Manning Blanchart Family Endowment Fund Ed and Lisa Dulik Endowment Evans-Holmes for McGraw Center Endowment Nancy M. McDonald Endowment Fund Monahan Family Care Endowment Neviaser Family Community PedsCare Endowment Amanda Petway Endowment Fund Estates of Capt. and Mrs. Powell P. Vail, Jr. Estate of Grafton N. Smith Endowment Weaver Family Endowment Fund The Edward W. and Marlene K. White Endowment Estate of Betty Williams

Gail and Jack Bacon Mrs. Hilary A. Breen Mr. and Mrs. John Brink Louis & Carole Shlipak Philanthropic Fund Mr. H. Roger Sharp Michael and Susan Batten Patrice Jones Mary Povlak Mr. and Mrs. John E. McElroy Patrice H. Austin Mr. and Mrs. David Manowski Lyn B. Deckman Muriel Wilkins and Family, Marsha Ralston and Family, Karen Brinson, and Family Ms. Barbara J. League Little Hands, Big Hearts Little People's Service Organization Mr. Mark Todd Ben and Seanna Phelps Mr. Harry D. Sweeney John and Gayle Graddy The Mitzi Saul Charitable Fund, a Donor

1979 Society Lauree Abramowitz * Mr. and Mrs. Fernando J. Acosta-Rua Mr. John Ashenfelter Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Assaf Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Bailey, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Todd J. Batenhorst Ms. Marcia R. Baygents Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Bott Mrs. Karen M. Buskirk Mr. and Mrs. Marion E. Byrd* Mr. Robert M. Carter, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Duane F. Conklin, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Curry Ms. Amy R. Davis

William J. O'Connor* Ursula B. O'Connor* Mr. and Mrs. Joel W. Pangborn IV Capt. William A. Pickens, U.S.N. (Ret.)

James Rosemond* Isabelle C. Russell* Mrs. Lily Scott Joseph E. Sexton*

Marjorie L. Simpson* Robert D. Slimmon* Estate of Marguerite Smalley* Ms. Mary A. Smith Mr. Harold H. Snyders Mr. and Mrs. David A. Spring Mr. Gene Steves* Linnis K. Tanner* George Dekle Taylor* Betty J. Armstrong Taylor* James W. Taylor* Virginia H. Taylor* Estate of Edward A. Thornwell, Jr.* Mr. Robert L. Tonsfeldt Gwynne G. Tonsfeldt* Norman L. Tully* Mrs. Daphne J. Walton Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. White, Jr.

Mrs. Marian M. Derfer Mrs. Dorothy S. Dorion Elizabeth A. Dougherty * Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Dulik

Advised Fund of Jewish Foundation TJ Supreme Management Company Stanley Blaxton Foundation Mr. James E. Langley Modern Woodmen of America Mr. Jason Gibbs Baptist Health Nassau - Spiritual Care Kathleen S. Haeussner Ms. Pauline M. Rice Kimberly and Richard Sisisky Mr. and Mrs. John E. Rhow Dr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Stepp Berman Family Foundation Mr. Nathan R. Morris Mr. Ronald K. Rousselle The Jaffa Family Endowment Fund Whitey's Fish Camp Mr. and Mrs. Donald McAvoy

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Edgar Carole S. Fishbaugh* Henry R. Gibson*

Ms. Barbara Goldberg Ms. Bonita Golden-Sikes Mr. and Mrs. John T. R. Hayt, Sr. Mrs. Mary R. Henry Ms. Ruth Holmes Ms. Ramona G. Houston Virginia M. Johnsen* Elinor D. Jones* Louise S. Keen* Dr. Warren E. Keene Sr. Master Sgt. Randy Kersey

Ms. Deborah P. Whittle Mrs. Susan S. Winkler Nadine M. Wynne*

Nancy Cavins Pamella Gesell McCabe & Ronsman, Attorneys at Law Mr. and Mrs. David L. Kieper Hodge Law Firm Barbara S. Schaefer Rayonier, Inc. Sandra M. Catallo Mr. James R. Griffiths, Sr.


Mark Schaefer Sandra Mann Sharp Mortgages Scott Kluth Richard Pohlig Joseph Sullivan Crane Group Co.

LaVonne N. LaHatte* Mr. Donald E. Liebhart Thomas C. Liptak* Mr. and Ms. Scott Manley

Mrs. Daphne J. Walton Mrs. Diane A. Bruton

A big thank you to those who donated anonymously!

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