The United Counties of Prescott and Russell is leading its community partners through the elaboration of a regional Community Safety and Well- Being Plan. The process was launched in the summer of 2019 and the final plan must be adopted by January 1, 2021, as per the requirement from the Province of Ontario. A multi-sectoral advisory committee was created in the fall, and has since met twice. The committee’s work will be to examine the community’s assets, assess gaps, and develop strategies to enhance community safety and well-being for residents of Prescott and Russell. Members of the advisory committee include representatives from the UCPR 4PDJBM4FSWJDFTBOEUIF6$13&NFSHFODZ Services, the Ontario Provincial Police, various police service boards, school boards, .BJTPO*OUFSMVEF 6OJUFE8BZ&BTUFSO0OUB - rio, Groupe Action, the Canadian Mental Health Association, the Hawkesbury General Hospital (Mental Health), Valoris, and the &BTUFSO0OUBSJP)FBMUI6OJU i"$48#QMBOJEFOUJàFTSJTLTBOEQSPBD - tively develops evidence-based strategies and programs to address local priorities related to crime and complex social issues. These strategies can then be implemented,” explained Stéphane P. Parisien, UCPR Chief Administrative Officer. Over the winter and spring of 2020, the advisory committee will consult with additio- nal community partners to identify strategies that can be enhanced and implemented. If you would like to be consulted on this plan and are available on January 23, please FNBJMSJD-BSPDRVFBUø&-BSPDRVF!QSFTDPUU “Developing a Community Safety and 8FMM#FJOH1MBOJTBCPVUXPSLJOHUPHFUIFS

Les Comtés unis de Prescott-Russell travaillent à terminer l’élaboration d’un plan de bien-être communautaire pour la région. —archives


to ensure the right services get to the right people at the right time,” concluded 1JFSSF-FSPVY 6$138BSEFOi*UJOWPMWFTBO integrated approach to service delivery by working with a wide range of agencies and organizations, in order to better manage priority risks and better respond to the needs within our community, especially for vulnerable groups.”

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