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JULY 2018


she did have something like 10 nieces and nephews she always treated as her own. Year after year, more family came up, so beds turned into pullout couches, and pullout couches finally gave way to sleeping bags. I never minded it a bit, though, because it was always fun to have a sleepover with my cousins and second cousins. The favorite activity among the kids was tubing; we hung on to our inflatable water tube for dear life while the boat pulled us over waves and man-made speed bumps. Our objective as kids was always to see how many runs we could get in. As we got older, it was all water skiing all the time. There’s nothing quite like cutting into some glass on that first run. After a great day on the water, we headed back to the smell of trees and went to bed with a thousand stars smiling down on us.

You can’t have a Fourth of July without fireworks. Every year, there was a professional show right on the lake, so we went out on the boat to watch the colors illuminate the night sky. The show always happened on the weekend regardless of when the actual holiday was. One time, we came back home before the Fourth, and I remember finding it so strange that there were fireworks in my neighborhood. All I had known was the Fourth up north, and I had never considered there was another way to celebrate. We take our kids to my parents’ now. It’s not quite the weekend trip I was used to growing up. Now it’s an out-and-back trip. My parents live on a lake, but it’s more of a domesticated body of water. There’s traffic on the roads and traffic on the water. It’s not the same, but it’s still an excellent time for everyone. Any opportunity to fire up the grill and invest in quality time with family is an experience worth having. I’m fortunate enough to have a lifetime of great experiences on the Fourth, and I look forward to it this year, as well.

Growing up, we always traveled north to my Great-Aunt Rene’s lake house for the Fourth of July. Back then, it was a bit different than it is now. There was no cellphone coverage up there, so we spent a lot of time engaging with each other and hanging out on the water. When cellphone coverage did make it up there, you had to go to the edge of the dock to get a signal. I can remember my dad needing to get a call out and pacing to find just the right spot like he was searching for buried treasure in the sky. The Fourth of July was always a big family affair. My family started going up there around the time I was born. In the early days of our tradition, you got a bed. Aunt Rene never had kids, but

“After a great day on the water, we headed back to the smell of trees and went to bed with a thousand stars smiling down on us.”

–Kyle Matthews

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