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No splash pad is complete without shade and site furnishings. Discover how easy it is to create the perfect environment with everything you need from one trusted company. splash pad environment Building Your

CONSIDER: Rentable Picnic Shelter with Seating Earn extra revenue for your park by providing a picnic shelter with table seating for your community to rent for birthday parties, reunions, and more.

Pictured: Gable End Shelter with Rectangular Picnic Tables

CONSIDER: Splash Pad Shade for Participants Pockets of shade on the outer edges of your splash pad provide relief from the sun for those who are participating in all the water fun. Opt for a single post shade structure to ensure clear supervision sight lines.

Pictured: Flower Shade

CONSIDER: Shaded Seating for Caregivers Shaded spaces with table seating away from all the water fun provide cool areas for caregivers and others who are supervising. Opting for a single post shade structure allows you to create smaller pockets of shade throughout your splash pad area.

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Pictured: Hypar Umbrella with Rectangular Picnic Tables

CONSIDER: Site Furnishings For maximum supervision, place benches along the outer edges of your splash pad for caregivers. Including trash receptacles within your site is also a must to keep the area tidy.

Pictured: Zion Bench with Armrests and Zion Trash Receptacle

CONSIDER: Themed Amenities Who said amenities had to be standard? In addition to any themed splash pad equipment, themed shade and themed benches help to round out the environment.

Pictured: Palm Tree Shade

CONSIDER: Portable Restroom Covers No restroom nearby? No problem. Add a portable restroom cover to keep the overall aesthetics of your site top notch. These shelters can be used to cover or hide a variety of other items as well, such as an above ground mechanical system.

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Pictured: Privacy Shelter

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