Goldberg Weigand - January 2020

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Some people probably imagine that lawyers are all work and no play, but, in fact, we’re often just as passionate about our hobbies as we are about our day jobs. In my case, that’s not quite true — there’s no way that sailing, playing tennis, or tinkering around my house can compare to helping my clients get the compensation they deserve after a tragedy — but my hobbies come in a close second to my work, family, and friends. Tennis in particular is a sport close to my heart, and it has been on my mind a lot considering January is National Hobby Month. I’ve been playing the game since I was 7 years old, which means I have almost 50 years of experience on the court. It’s freeing to grab my racket and square up to the net after a long day. Not only do I break a sweat, but I also get all of my frustrations out by whacking the ball. (Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes I imagine that fuzzy yellow ball is the opposing counsel). I played competitively through college and still love spending time with my buddies on the local United States Tennis Association team. Not much has changed over the years — I’ve still got a great swing — but I just can’t get to the ball quite as fast as I used to! Basically, when I’m not in court, there’s a good chance you can find me on one. In warmer weather, I supplement my tennis games with sailing trips. My son, Johnathan, and I often make a father- son day of it and spend hours on the water each summer. Usually in the winter, we’re stuck counting down the days

until the weather turns, but this year he has kept me busy helping him with college research and applications. It’s a time- consuming process, but I’ve enjoyed sharing my two cents and encouraging him to dream big for his future! When I have a spare moment between work, tennis, and my teenager, I like to tinker with various projects around the house. I live in an old home, and between time and the Massachusetts elements, there’s always something needing my attention, whether it’s saltwater-blasted siding or falling- apart window frames. The house certainly keeps me on my toes, but the mindless work can be a nice break from the mental gymnastics of a day studying my cases, trying to ensure the best possible outcomes for my clients. That said, my work is still my true passion. There’s nothing more satisfying than securing a client the justice they deserve, whether their injury was the result of a dog bite, a slip-and-fall accident, or a car crash. Being able to help people in their time of greatest need is both humbling and empowering — and I always look forward to coming into the office to give every case my all. If you or a loved one has been injured through no fault of your own, Peter and I can help. Call us today at 508-775-9099 or visit to schedule your free consultation.

– Blair Weigand, Partner



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