American Consequences - January 2018


Financial follies and disaster in the making

Nuclear ballistic missile scare in Hawaii...

Global conflict elsewhere intensifies...

In December, the president made the controversial decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. He also said that he plans to relocate the U.S. embassy there. The move angered much of the Muslim world – and several of our country’s allies. It’s a sensitive subject because in the decades- long Israeli-Palestinian conflict, both sides have claimed Jerusalem as their capital. For years, U.S. policy has been to encourage them to negotiate their own peace deal. Meanwhile, anti-government protests broke out in Iran... The demonstrations were the largest in the country in nearly a decade. Both the working and middle classes participated, along with student activists. The protests started on December 28 and ended about a week later

This week, a Hawaiian state worker clicked the wrong link on a painfully convoluted list of emergency alert options. It was a false alarm, but it triggered 38 minutes of panic that found many residents scrambling for bathtubs, closets, and even storm drains. Weeks prior, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared that his country had completed its nuclear-weapons program and had the technology to strike any point in the U.S. After Kim boasted about having a nuclear button on the desk in his office, President Donald Trump replied that he had a “much bigger” and “more powerful” button at his disposal. As the posturing on both sides continues, it’s becoming harder to see a peaceful outcome to this situation. What could possibly go wrong?

14 January 2018

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