CWU Apartment Guide 2020

COMPLIANCE WITH UNIVERSITY OFFICIALS Residents are required to comply with the requests of university officials at all times. These officials include professional and student staff members of Housing and Residence Life, Public Safety and Police Services representatives, Student Success staff, and facilities maintenance staff. COMMUNITY SPACE It is the responsibility of each tenant to maintain the cleanliness and function, as well as the using the space in appropriate was of all community living space for the purposes of socializing, studying, recreation, and programming. Students are not permitted to sleep overnight in any community space. Never is a pornographic theme appropriate. DAMAGES TO ROOMS AND PUBLIC AREAS Residents are accountable for damages which occur as a result of personal negligence or vandalism. When found to be responsible, a resident may be charged for damages occurring in public areas as well as in their apartment or another students apartment. All damage charges are billed to the resident’s account. The resident agrees to keep the residence, including the sidewalks and stairways adjacent to, in a clean and sanitary condition and to comply with the laws and ordinances relating to sanitary conditions. The resident agrees to keep all drainage pipes free and open and to protect water, heating, and all other pipes, so they will not freeze or become clogged. The resident will not permit waste, damage, or injury to the property and will keep the grounds upon which the property is situated in good order and not let or permit any rubbish to be accumulated. At the request of the university, the resident shall be required to remove, at their sole expense, anything in or about the premises which is determined by the university to create an unacceptable hazard to person or property. Each resident is personally responsible and liable for the cost of cleaning, replacement, and/or repair to the structure in which they are housed and all damages to (except for reasonable wear and tear as determined by the university) or losses of any university property furnished. All repairs must be completed by facilities maintenance personnel. No self-repairs are allowed. Residents may appeal all damage charges within 10 working days of the billing for these charges. To appeal, simply state the objections in writing, and mail or deliver to Housing and Residence Life, Central Washington University, 400 E University Way, Ellensburg, WA 98926-7513. Residents can also send an email to DROPPING OR THROWING SUBSTANCES OR OBJECTS FROMWINDOWS For the safety of everyone, residents are not allowed to drop or throw objects from or at apartment windows, balconies, and/or ledges. This includes bodily fluids, snow, or substances of any kind. Residents must also refrain from throwing objects through windows from the outside. (This policy includes throwing keys to friends outside.) Violations of this policy may result in a $50 charge to the resident’s account and/or disciplinary action. Exiting is prohibited unless it is an emergency. EVICTION A notice of eviction may be given for violations of the lease agreement and/or the university rules and regulations. In many instances, the eviction process is started because of delinquent payment of rent. Rent charges are due the first of every month. A late fee of $50 is assessed on the 10th of each month if the rent

The following regulations apply specifically to the individual complexes: Brooklane Village APZ permits will be limited to the number of parking spaces available. Two permits per apartment will be issued in those courts which have 28 or more spaces. In courts that have less than 28 spaces, two permits will be given to those in two- and three- bedroom apartments and one permit to those living in one- bedroom apartments. Guests without permits are required to park in the visitor parking area at the Early Childhood Learning Center at no cost. Vehicles left in the visitor parking lot for longer than 48 hours are subject to a parking violation. Because of concerns with child safety, the speed limit within the courts is limited to five miles per hour. Getz-Short residents will be issued one APZ permit to each student owning a vechicle. Parking is available on a first come, first served basis. Additional parking is available on the city streets if an RPZ (Ellensburg Residential Parking Zone) permit is obtained. RPZ permits can be obtained at Ellensburg City Hall. Residents with recreational vehicles, boats, camp trailers, campers, snowmobile trailers, etc. parked in any university-owned apartment complex area, are in violation of the lease agreement. Housing and Residence Life has a gravel parking/storage area in Brooklane Village. This parking area is for residents living in university- owned apartments and will be designated for recreational vehicles and small personal storage sheds. The fee for a parking space will be $25 per year (no partial year). The fee is good from September 1st through August 31st, at which time renewal of the parking space for an additional year is due. Residents may lease a parking/ storage space by completing a form in Housing and Residence Life. The fee will then be assessed to the resident’s account. When residents move out, they must remove the storage shed and other property, or it will be removed by Housing and Residence Life personnel. Labor costs involved in removing abandoned property will be charged to the resident’s account. Central Washington University assumes no responsibility for vehicles/possessions stored in the designated recreational vehicle parking area. This area has been constructed for the convenience of residents living in a university apartment to store recreational vehicles and other possessions and to lessen the congestion and improve the appearance of other parking and general-use areas. Parking decals: Resident vehicles must have an approved apartment parking decal. These can be obtained through Police and Parking Services located on Wildcat Way in the Public Safety Building located in parking lot O5. These decals expire on an annual basis. Residents of Brooklane Village, Student Village, Getz/Short and Wahle are required to have an APZ permit to park in their apartment parking lots. Permits are to be displayed on the passenger-side front lower portion of the window. Trucks or other vehicles without visible rear windows should place the permit on the right side of the front window. Permits must be returned by the apartment lessee at the time of check-out. Permits are only valid for the complex in which the resident lives. Motorcycles are required to have an APZ sticker and must be parked in designated motorcycle areas. Car repairs: Residents cannot use the parking lots for car repair that involves the changing or leakage of fluids from the vehicle or results in a safety hazard for other residents. Examples of safety hazards include unsupervised cars on jack stands and loose, sharp auto parts. Violations could result in a $50 fine and cancellation of the lease agreement.


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