CWU Apartment Guide 2020

Some of the most common situations in which apartment residents are asked to exercise responsible freedom include: • Noise and music (particularly during the quiet hours of 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.) • Smoking • Sexual harassment • Underage consumption of alcohol • Overseeing family members or guests’ responsibility for following policies and procedures as outlined in this handbook In apartment living at Central, we strive for supportive communities where residents live with mutual bonds of caring, trust, openness, and respect. Within these communities, people care about the growth and development of fellow students and share a mutual respect for members’ rights, feelings, lifestyles, and personal property. As a community member, residents are encouraged to seek the positive characteristics of other community members. The responsibility for maintaining a positive campus community is mostly that of the residents. You and the other residents are responsible for your own conduct because it is believed that you are capable of controlling your living environment. However, there are many behavioral expectations, in the form of policies, which have been established. These policies are based on common-sense behavior and a caring attitude toward one’s community members. RESOLVING DIFFERENCES If you or your peers are unable to resolve a problem, contact the apartment complex coordinator or your apartment manager. They will work with you to find a solution. If further mediation or assistance is needed, contact the apartment complex coordinator at 509-963-2327to determine the next course of action. You may be asked to meet again with the apartment complex coordinator or apartment manager or to write an incident report. APARTMENT STAFF HOUSING AND RESIDENCE LIFE STAFF Housing and Residence Life has a qualified staff that can assist you with your apartment-related needs. Most needs can be handled by calling Housing and Residence Life at 509-963-1831. Should you need further assistance, the support staff will be able to guide you. APARTMENT MANAGERS Apartment managers hold five office hours each week. These specific hours are posted on their apartment doors and occur Sunday through Thursday. Apartment managers help solve apartment concerns and offer assistance for all aspects of university life. Apartment managers also offer programs and events for the residents, handle check-in/check-out procedures, and provide assistance for residents locked out of their apartments. In addition to regular office hours, an apartment manager will be on call all hours Housing and Residence Life is not open. This includes nightly service and 24-hour service on the weekends and holidays. To contact the apartment manager on call after 5 p.m. about an apartment concern, call 509-201-6112. The apartment complex coordinator and apartment managers can be reached at the following locations: Apartment Coordinator 509-963-2327 Button Hall Anderson 509-963-7111 Anderson B Stack Brooklane Village 509-963-7041 BLV I7

IMPORTANT APARTMENT PHONE NUMBERS For all emergencies—fire, police, ambulance For non-emergency police response Emotional crisis and all local resources Poison Control Center Kittitas Valley Community Hospital


509-925-8534 800-732-6985 509-925-4168 509-962-9841


509-963-7111 509-963-7041 509-963-7721 509-963-2348 509-963-9040 509-963-1831 509-963-1831 509-963-3000

Brooklane Village office I7 Getz-Short, D5 Student Village office

Wahle, 1

Housing and Residence Life Apartment Complex Coordinator Maintenance concerns Apartment manager on call

509-201-6112 (On-call apartment managers are on call ALL hours and days that the Housing and Residence Life office is not open, including holidays. They handle complaints, emergencies, lockouts, and any apartment concerns.) Housing Services office hours are 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Call the apartment manager all other times. HANDBOOK Please read this handbook carefully. Your signature on the lease affirms that you, your guests, and everyone residing in the apartment agree to abide by and support the rules, regulations, and policies as set forth by Central Washington University in the terms and conditions of the lease agreement and this handbook. Violations of these policies may result in judicial action in accordance with the CWU Student Judicial Code. The university reserves the right to terminate any lease agreement if the lessee, a guest, or anyone residing in the apartment violates the rules, regulations, or stipulations of the lease agreement and handbook. RESPONSIBLE FREEDOM The concept of responsible freedom helps residents understand their personal responsibility for making the living environment one which meets their needs. Citizens of Central Washington University have the responsibility to protect their rights and freedom. Responsible freedom is a continuing educational process that requires each member’s participation. It is the willingness of people (both offender and offended) to accept the process which builds harmonious and supportive environments at Central. At the foundation of Responsible Freedom, community members must: • Exercise self-control • Respect the rights of others • Accept the consequences of inappropriate behavior • Be assertive and confront one another respectfully when necessary • Become invested in the community instead of relying heavily on the apartment manager • B e persistent in pursuing a supportive community in which to live


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