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All Roads Lead to Melaleuca

THAT industry for 20 years, but let’s be clear. That was an entirely different industry. You’ve just changed industries! With Melaleuca, you are now in the Con- sumer Direct Marketing® industry. Direct to the con- sumer. Not multiple levels, not several different levels. Just direct to the customer. That’s the industry we’re in. We have worked hard to stay out of the MLM buck- et. Please don’t drag us into it. You can say, “I was in THAT industry for 20 years, and I just changed indus- tries.” Leave that industry behind. Those folks have a bad reputation. They deserve it. They’ve worked hard to get it. So welcome to Melaleuca. Be open. Be teachable. Be honest. Don’t exaggerate. There are experts here who are more than willing to teach you how to build a Melaleuca business properly. Learn a new way. Those who embrace our policies and these principles will prosper. Those who try to adhere to their MLM ways will fail. At Melaleuca, it is all about having vastly superior products at affordable prices. The world is looking for what we have. And if you think things are good now, watch what’s going to happen in the future. Our story is becoming more compelling each day. Anybody who looks at the facts, who wants better health, wants more energy, is budget conscious, who looks at what we have to offer, is going to come to the conclusion, “We’ve got to be Melaleuca customers.” It only makes sense. Because all roads truly do lead to Melaleuca.

matter what your education is. It doesn’t matter what ethnic group you come from. It doesn’t matter about your country of origin. You can do what Melaleuca offers. You can do it, but it takes tenacity, and it takes hard work. You need to learn how to fall down and get back up. You need to learn all the principles of leadership, because that’s what leadership is. That’s what success is—falling down and getting back up again. Those who come out on top in life, those who become champions, have fallen down thousands of times. And we teach that. We teach that when you fall down, you keep moving forward. We move forward together. And you’re rewarded based on your own contributions and based on your own accomplishments. As we grow and become more successful as an organization, we sometimes attract those who have been in multilevel marketing organizations in the past. Thousands of them enroll with us each month, and we welcome you. Welcome home to Melaleuca! But honestly, I will tell you, in all sincerity, that you’ve been taught improperly in so many ways. You need to learn the Melaleuca way. The reason Melaleuca is prospering so much more than the company or companies you were with before is because of the principles that we live by. We don’t exaggerate our products. We don’t make exaggerated income claims. We don’t run around screaming on social media “Make $10,000 a month, ask me how!” “Text me!” “Private message me.” We don’t do that stuff because it degrades your message. We don’t do it because it ends up being a disaster. Now, I’ll go further and say this. We are not a multilevel marketing company, you know that. There’s nothing about Melaleuca that has multiple levels. We don’t have mul- tiple levels of distribution, we don’t have multiple levels of marketing. There are no multiple levels of anything. All of our transactions are directly from the company to the customer. No multiple levels. No one buys and resells and takes it from one level to the next level. Everything is a single transaction. A single point from the company to the customer. There’s nothing multilevel marketing about us. I cringe when I hear a former MLMer say, “I have been in ‘this’ industry for many years.” You may have been in


We have so many wonderful examples of honest, hard- working, ethical, caring people who’ve joined us to help get our message out to people who need us—who need what we have. Both from a customer perspective, and yes, from a business perspective. I’m so proud to have played a small role in helping you create this fine-tuned, smooth- running machine that’s getting the message out to liter- ally thousands and thousands of people. So far in 2017, Melaleuca has experienced the best start to a new year we’ve ever had. The fields are ready to harvest here in the United States and Canada, and you’re harvesting. I’m not only thrilled with where we are, I’m really proud of how we got here. I’m proud of how many lives have been enhanced. I’m proud that not a single person has been hurt in the process. I’m proud of the fact that now in our 32nd year, I’ve never heard a single person, not one time, say, “I’ve been hurt building a Melaleuca business.” That says something about you. That says something about the promises that you make and the promises you

keep. That says something about what you say and what you don’t say. That says something about who you are, because ultimately, we turn our reputation over to you. There are not a whole lot of options for people work- ing a traditional 9-to-5 job to get ahead in life. Their financial future isn’t necessarily all in their hands. They have to depend on somebody else to notice them before they’ll get the raise. They have to depend on someone else to be paying attention to their hard work so that they’ll get the promotion. And many get passed over. And yet, every month they try to make ends meet. They’re looking for a better way. And Melaleuca can provide that for them and for you. We provide a way for them to take charge of their own lives, to choose themselves. Not to wait for some- body else to decide, but to choose themselves to move ahead. And so many have done that. There have been so many who have set the example. And that’s proof for us that anyone can be successful in this business. It doesn’t matter what your background is. It doesn’t



2 OCTOBER 2017



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