Mast Young Plants 2023-2024 Catalog

Begonia Fragrant Mega50 Large, scented flowers Branches easily Long flowering window

Begonia Bossa Nova ® Mega50 Nonstop blooms from late spring to frost Self-cleaning and tough Perfect for hanging baskets or large containers Shade Available beginning week 2

Available weeks 2-19





Fragrant Falls ® Peach semi-trailing, 10–12”

Sweetspice TM Appleblossom semi-trailing, 6–8”

Night Fever Papaya semi-trailing, 18–30”

Orange semi-trailing, 18–30”

Begonia Glory Mega50 Excellent retail shelf life Works well in outdoor garden settings Long flowering period

Available weeks 2-19


Red semi-trailing, 18–30”

Yellow semi-trailing, 18–30”

Begonia Elatior Mega50

Pink upright, 8–10”

Bicolor upright, 8–10”

All varieties are easily adapted to year-round production Long-blooming plants both in pots and in the garden Ideal for beds, containers, and in baskets

Begonia Rex 51

Available weeks 2-19


Large colorful leaves with heavy branching Great for smaller containers or combinations Exceptionally uniform series Available weeks 2-19


Carneval upright, 8–10”

Shadow King ® Cherry Mint upright, 11–12”

Blitz upright, 10–12”

Dark Britt upright, 10–12”

Shadow King ® Pink upright, 11–12”

Shadow King ® Spearmint upright, 11–12”


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