Mast Young Plants 2023-2024 Catalog

BOOKING YOUR ORDER EARLY? Receiving your MYP catalog in July gives you time to plan your season and book your orders. This booking cycle begins at the end of July for orders shipping weeks 40-20. Give your growing season a successful start by booking your order early and taking advantage of these benefits: EARLY ORDER DISCOUNT (EOD) An early order discount (EOD) lowers the cost of your plants and applies to all orders booked by October 31, 2023. We recommend placing as much of your initial order as early as you can. You can always add a product later if you make additions or changes to your program but ordering early ensures that the bulk of your order is confirmed with the EOD pricing. SELECTION AND AVAILABILITY Good availability earlier in the season means it’s more likely you’ll get your entire order confirmed. Our trays are grown to order, and we book orders with the cutting suppliers after receiving orders from your broker. Suppliers have a limited number of cuttings, and once they are gone, we cannot get more. ORDER PROTECTION Booking early helps to protect your order from unexpected shortages arising during production.

DEER RESISTANT Research demonstrates these varieties to be less desirable to deer.

SEASON EXTENDERS We grow every plant in our trial gardens all summer long, so we’re confident these plants perform best in summer’s heat.

MYP BEST SELLER These varieties are top sellers and ones that you can feel confident will do well for you too!

NEW These plants performed so well in our trials that we’re offering them to you in our catalog this year!


MAST YOUNG PLANTS EXCLUSIVE Through our relationships with our top breeders, we secure the rights to sell new varieties to our customers, one year before it becomes available to all other rooting stations. Book with MYP and be the first to try these out in ’24!


SMALL POTS These varieties can be grown pot tight on the bench for high density production. MOUNDING HANGING BASKETS These varieties grow more upright producing baskets which do not require sleeving. TRAILING HANGING BASKETS These varieties will spill down over the edge of the pot. Ideal for large premium baskets. VINES Climbers, fillers, and trailers! These varieties are great for trellises, baskets, or deco pots!

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