Mast Young Plants 2023-2024 Catalog

Petunia Hells TM 51 True orange petunias are back! Compact and mounded series

Petunia Littletunia TM 51 Littletunia is of great value in the garden and patio, with an excellent longevity all season long Colorful small flowers combining all the best petunia features



Hells TM Heat semi-trailing, 12–14”

Petunia Itsy TM 51 A controlled, mounded, tight carpet of color Use White as a bacopa replacement for exceptional color all summer long

Blue Vein mounding, 5–6”

Bicolor Illusion mounding, 5–6”



Bright Red mounding, 5–6”

Purple Blue mounding, 5–6”

Pink trailing, 4–6”

Magenta trailing, 4–6”


Shiraz mounding, 5–6”

White trailing, 4–6”

White Grace mounding, 5–6” 83

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