Mast Young Plants 2023-2024 Catalog

Petunia Mainstage TM 51 The first “sky” petunia in this vigorous series Huge blooms suited for hanging baskets or garden beds

Petunia Ray TM 51 Large flowers with mounding habit makes for tidy baskets or great small pots Early enough for any market Danziger


Fuchsia mounding, 8–12”

Glacier Sky mounding & spreading, 10–16”

Black mounding, 8–12”

Petunia Potunia ® 51 Compact, round habit Very early to flower and easy to grow

Dümmen Orange

Blueberry Muffin mounding, 6–8”

Cappuccino mounding, 6–8”

Pistachio Cream mounding, 8–12”

Purple Vein mounding, 8–12”

Coral mounding, 6–8”

Dark Red mounding, 6–8”


Sunflower mounding, 8–12”

Sunshine mounding, 8–12”

Purple Halo mounding, 6–8”

Starfish mounding, 6–8”

White mounding, 8–12”


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