The Livewell Collective - December 2019


ITS OWN REWARD If I’ve learned one thing from Christmas shopping, it’s that the best gifts are the hardest to give away. I always know I’ve found a real winner when I find myself thinking, “What if I just keep this for me and find them something else?” Of course, I never do, but the temptation is always there. Still, it’s worth it — there’s nothing like the feeling of giving a great present. That’s something that I’ve really come to appreciate as a business owner, and you should, too. You see, as O2 has grown, we’ve looked for new ways to give back to our customers, including going in on some awesome giveaways. This sort of shopping is especially difficult for me — most of the gifts affiliate owners would want also happen to be right up my alley. For instance, at the Games this year, we gave away a HyperIce massage therapy device. With a price tag over $300, you can bet I wanted that miracle machine for myself — but I settled for just adding

On the next page, we go into a bit more detail on how and why giving away products can be a great move for your gym. But for now, I want to focus on my personal experience with this approach. I knew it was a great idea, but I didn’t fully expect how much I would get out of it on an emotional level. I’ve always enjoyed getting gifts for friends and family, but I didn’t know how well the experience would translate in business. Especially when you’re just starting out and just trying to make sales in the first place, the idea of giving things away can sound like heresy. But once O2 was established enough that we could start doing fun promotions and giveaways, I was amazed. I got the same warm, fuzzy feelings I get when giving gifts to loved ones. The same rules apply as with Christmas shopping. To get a great gift, it’s not about the price tag; it’s about knowing the person you’re buying for. I could drop $1,000 on some lavish present for my mom, but I wouldn’t see the same reaction as the year I got her a $50 gift that she really wanted. This can be a little harder to figure out on a business scale (you don’t know your members as well as your own mom, hopefully). But you do know they’re into improving their health, and that can be the perfect steppingstone. At the time of writing, we’re looking into gifts we can deliver to our subscription clients. You’ve given us the gift of your loyalty, and we want to find the right way to say thank you. I can’t disclose what this year’s present might be, but I’ll say that we’re hoping to make it something you can share with your members. After all, getting to know so many affiliates over the years, we’ve grown to recognize how much you care about your members and community. We want to give you something that lets you express that passion for service. Keep an eye out for the announcement.

it to my wish list. I’ve learned that as an entrepreneur, it’s far better to give to others than to indulge yourself. It was our top-selling affiliate who taught me this. O2 was flying off her shelves, and after enough She was literally giving it away. She welcomes each new member with an ice cold can, on the house. The results speak for themselves: That affiliate sells more than 50 cases of O2 a month thanks to loyal members who are familiar with the drink from the moment they step into the gym. She turned a $2 can into a gift that really does keep on giving. I was sold. orders, we just had to ask what she was doing to be so successful. The answer?

Happy holidays,

–Dave Colina Founder, O2


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