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You Can Have It If You Want It!

corporate conglomerates like Procter & Gamble, Lever Brothers, and Johnson & Johnson. Actually, we not only make it possible to compete – but to win. It would take an investment of millions of dollars to set up a company to compete with these corporate giants. And even then, success would not be assured. So Melaleuca has made a substantial investment to allow the “little guy” to compete against the big boys – and win! We have developed superior products. We have built the factories. We have built the worldwide network of computer programs. We have established the distribution methodology. We have taken care of the legalities, the taxes, the payroll systems, the regulations, the registrations, the marketing literature, the science, the computer programming, and all of the red tape. We have built the office buildings, the factories, and the distribution centers. And we have partnered with hundreds of thousands of “little guys,” allowing them to use all of the assets listed above as if they were their own and in effect set them up in business to use those hundreds of millions of dollars of assets for free and therefore be set up in business to compete against the corporate mammoths. This endeavor has been very successful indeed! For the first time in the last half a century, the established corporate chains are starting to lose market share to the “little guys.” Tens of thousands of households switch from grocery store brands to Melaleuca every month. And our people prosper! These people prosper because of their own hard work and tenacity. They have worked hard at introducing Melaleuca products to people they know and care about. They prosper because they are loyal to each other, to the concept of enhancing lives, and to taking care of the world we live in. They prosper because they have been willing to step out of their comfort zone into a world of helping others achieve their goals. These are the unfailing universal principles of successful people. These people have always had the potential to implement these principles. They just have never had the opportunity to do so. No one should ever say that success with Melaleuca comes “easy.” I certainly would not say that. Success with Melaleuca takes work – a lot of work! But success with Melaleuca is almost guaranteed to anyone and everyone who is willing to learn how to build a business and who

has the courage and fortitude to follow through month after month, year after year. Everyone who wants it and who is willing to work for it can experience success with Melaleuca. Everyone works at their own pace. I have seen Marketing Executives go from enrollment to Executive Director in just a few months while others have taken 10 years. I tend to celebrate the success of the 10-year consistent climb more than the almost instant success because I value persistence over skill and because those who take longer usually have a more solid business. Some might take 20 or 30 years to become Executive Directors. And when they make it we have a major celebration! Persistence and never giving up even when you fall down or when someone is moving faster than you is a quality that we all should admire. Some people may move faster than you, but their success will only feed your success. If you are a Melaleuca Marketing Executive, you don’t have to wait for a raise or a promotion to get ahead in life. You can give yourself a raise by enrolling a dozen new Preferred Customers. Or you can give yourself a promotion by advancing to the next status. You don’t have to wait for permission to do it. You don’t have to wait to be chosen or for someone else’s approval. You don’t have to wait to be designated or directed. And you don’t have to wait for the government to fix your problem (which wouldn’t work anyway)! You can just go do it! The opportunity is yours! Take it! Don’t let anyone put you down because of your education or because of your lack of experience or because they think someone else is better. With Melaleuca, you and only you are in charge of your future. If you have dreams and goals, get to work and make them happen! The key, of course, is to stop dreaming and get to work. It takes hard, consistent work and sometimes courage. And most of all it takes persistence – week after week, month after month. You have the opportunity and all the tools for success. I am not saying it will be easy. I’m just saying you can have it if you want it.


A lot is being said these days about the fact that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. I think pretty much everyone would agree – that’s not a good thing! Nations in various societies have used various methodologies to address this very issue over the past century. Marxism, communism, and various forms of socialism have come up with programs that basically consist of taking assets from the rich and giving them to the poor. This process is called “redistributing the wealth.” This approach has never been successful. It might sound great to those who are poor, but throughout history such endeavors have failed miserably. Taking assets from the rich and giving those assets to the poor has always ended up in disaster – causing those societies who have tried it to spiral into various levels of nationwide poverty. At Melaleuca, we believe we have a better way – in fact a much more successful way – of solving the problem. We are indeed champions of the “little guy.” But we realize that just taking from the haves and giving it to the have-nots will never be successful because it rewards failure and penalizes success. It’s a universal principle that whatever you reward you will get more of, and what you penalize you will get less of. So rewarding failure and penalizing success only gets you more failure and less success. The Soviet Union, East Germany, communist China, and Cuba are economies that tried various forms of socialism and ended up in dismal failures. So we are not advocates of taking from the rich and giving to the poor. But we are advocates of a much better and much more successful endeavor. We believe the answer lies not in redistributing wealth, but in redistributing opportunity. In other words, we know that simply taking assets from the wealthy and giving to the poor will always end in failure, so we simply propose leveling out the playing field by giving the poor a much bigger opportunity. Clearly, in all societies, the wealthy have much more opportunity than the poor. And they capitalize on those opportunities which create more wealth for them. So Melaleuca is engaged in redistributing the opportunity for wealth – making it possible for average Americans and Canadians to compete successfully with

“…Melaleuca is engaged in redistributing the

opportunity for wealth – making it possible for average Americans and Canadians to compete successfully with corporate conglomerates…”





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