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necessarily mean that you have to be the most athletic person in the room. Any step you make toward helping your body function at its optimum levels is a step toward becoming a healthier you. Your physical therapist can provide you with exercises, stretches, and nutritional tips that can help increase your health and help you feel physically better overall. Increasing your strength and flexibility: It is no secret that strength and flexibility both play important roles in your health. Did you know that there are approximately 642 skeletal muscles in the human body? Your muscles work hard, not only to help you move, but also to support your circulatory and breathing systems. When you become stronger and more flexible, you become healthier overall. Our physical therapists can guide you through proper exercises and specialized treatments in order to relieve your joint and muscle pain, increase your strength and flexibility, and improve your overall health. Continue reading inside to find the 7 helpful tips to a happier and healthier you!

It is common aspiration to become healthier, stronger, or more active. However, this can sometimes be a difficult feat, with lack of time, pain, injuries, or difficulty sticking to a nutritious diet. When you are in pain, undesirable chemicals within your body are heightened, which can increase stress. As a result, your endocrine system becomes affected, which works to regulate the hormones in your body. Fortunately, the vast majority of aches and pains can be successfully treated by a licensed physical therapist. At Star Physical Therapy, our team is comprised of movement experts who have the knowledge and training to diagnose, evaluate, and treat any musculoskeletal condition that comes their way. To find out more about how our services can help you live a healthier, stronger, and more active life,

contact our office today! Your health and you:

The term “health” is all relative. It essentially means that your body is operating at its highest levels of function in regards to breathing, circulation, digestion, and more. It doesn’t

NEWSLETTER January, 2020



INSIDE: • 7 Tips You Can Do On Your Own • Staying Physically Fit In The New Year • Healthy Recipe • Patient Success Spotlight CALL IN! Call for your FREE BACK PAIN ANALYSIS Call our clinic nearest you to schedule your first step out of pain today!

Health & Wellness with Matt Slimming, PT, DPT

what is causing your pain and then we explain the plan that we will use to get you better. 2. On that same visit we do a thorough treatment session, aiming to provide you relief on day one. 3. We set you up in our online portal. Through this portal, we share with you the exercises that you will start doing to get better. You will be able to see videos of each exercise so that you know how to do them correctly. This portal also allows you to communicate back and forth with your PT as often as you wish. Any time you have a question, you can get the answer directly from your PT. 4. Your PT progresses your exercises as you progress. You continue to get better by following the home exercise program that is designed specifically for you. 5. One month after the first visit, we see you again for your next in-clinic visit. We reassess you and treat you again, aiming for further pain relief. 6. Then we progress your home exercises as appropriate to continue to get you better. *This program lasts for a minimum of 4 weeks, in 4-week increments. The amount you pay per week depends on your insurance company. It will range from $20 to $38 per week. You can pay this amount over time if you wish.

Most people now understand that Physical Therapy is usually the first step in getting better for most muscle and joint problems.

Matt Slimming Physical Therapist

In 2016, it became law in Louisiana that we no longer require a Physician’s order before starting Physical Therapy. This is, in part, due to the awareness that Physical Therapy is often the first, best step to recovery. Also, it is recognized that Physical Therapy is much less expensive than surgery or the usual processes associated with medication or injections. However, due to high copays and deductibles, Physical Therapy can still be expensive for some people. We became tired of seeing people in pain unable to get the care they needed. Insurance companies tie our hands by making it illegal to discount copays for most people. So we created the “Low Cost Physical Therapy Program”. This Low Cost Program allows people to access our Physical Therapy services for as low as $20 a week!* How does it work? To achieve these incredible savings, we harnessed the power of online technology. There is so much we can do to help people now by communicating online. This saves you time, but also reduces our costs so that we can pass the savings on to you. 1. We see you for your evaluation. We do our usual extensive assessment, share with you exactly

How do you get started on the Low Cost Program?

Simply call your closest STAR clinic. Or you can go to our website, and schedule your appointment online. You can start getting better as soon as tomorrow!

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Physical therapy treatments can help improve your health, but they only work if you apply healthy lifestyle choices in your everyday life, as well. Some tips you can do on your own to become healthier, stronger, and more active include:

1. Taking care of aches and pains. Don’t let these long-term problems linger. Contact Star Physical Therapy for professional help.

2. Limiting your sitting. Get up every 30 minutes to walk around at work and home.

3. Getting out and moving. Exercise regularly, even if it’s just taking a short walk every day.

4. Maintaining a nutritious diet and controlling portion. Make sure your food intake is nutritious and portioned. By chewing your food thoroughly, you won’t feel as if you have to eat as much.

get into a routine where you are going to bed and waking up on a regular cycle. This helps your endocrine system.

5. Drinking more water. Water keeps your body systems functioning at an optimum level.

Contact Star Physical Therapy today! Are you looking for assistance with increasing your health, strength, and physical activity? Our team at Star Physical Therapy would love to help you live your highest quality of life. Contact us today to begin your new chapter toward becoming a healthier you!

6. Breathing! Work on your deep breathing in order to increase your oxygen intake and get your lymphatic system moving.

7. Getting enough sleep. Sleep at least 8 hours a day. It is best to

Healthy Recipe

Patient Success Spotlight


INSTRUCTIONS • 2 slices whole-wheat sandwich bread

“The staff was great and very professional.” Success Story: Lucinda L. “I came to STAR PT due to foot pain that regular medication was not helping. It kept me from doing daily tasks that I would normally be able to do with no problem. I had trouble getting out of my vehicle, working a full day, getting up after sitting, and jogging. Now I can run up to three miles twice a week. After therapy I can now run, jog, and get out of the vehicle, and work a full day with no pain. The staff was great and very professional.”

• 2 oz low-sodium deli turkey

• 1 oz sliced Cheddar cheese

• 1 tbsp mayonnaise

• 4 to 6 thin apple slices

DIRECTIONS It only takes 5 minutes to make this healthy sandwich with whole-wheat bread and the classic combination of Cheddar cheese and apples that your kids will love. Spread mayonnaise on both slices of bread. Top with turkey, Cheddar and apple.


Staying Physically Fit In The New Year

1. Keep moving. In addition to staying active, try to avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time. Remember: Too much sitting is hazardous to your health. Research shows that getting up for just five minutes every 30 to 60 minutes and performing light activity (say, pacing around the house or performing simple squat exercises) reduces the risk of diabetes and other heart disease risk factors. 2. Be creative and get rid of ‘all or nothing’ mindsets. In reality, there is more than just one way to live healthfully and be active. In the new year, try to get a bit creative with exercise and opt for fun ways that make physical activity a family affair. From exploring new group fitness classes to building physical activity into your daily routine. Think outside the box when it comes to ways to have quality time with family and friends while also prioritizing your health. 3. Plan – and remember there is always time and opportunity for a workout. Plan your workouts for the week and note them in your schedule to assure they are a part of your day. Also, remember that some exercise is better than none. Rather than skipping the gym altogether, make time for a quick workout. Even the most disciplined people can find it difficult to stick to their health and fitness routines after the new year. However, with these tips, you will be able to manage activity into your daily schedule with patience and time.

From all of us at...

Exercise Essentials Try this movement to help relieve back pain.

Staff Spotlight: Hillary Wagnon, DPT

What do you like about working at STAR? STAR physical therapy is like a home away from home. It provides a comfortable atmosphere where patients can get the one on one attention they need. In a big city like New Orleans, these clinics allow care to be brought down to a smaller scale that fosters a close patient-clinician relationship. I don’t just know what is physically bothering my patients, but I know their kids names and what they’re cooking for Christmas dinner. Whatdoyou like todo inyourspare time? In my spare time, I enjoy being active. Physical and mental health are so important, and I feel my best when I’m consistently moving and challenging myself. I also enjoy exploring my new home. My husband and I just moved to New Orleans and love checking out all that the city has to offer (especially all the food and all the football! Who Dat!).

Loosens Lower Back

PRAYER STRETCH Start on your knees and bend forward, reaching arms out on floor in front of you as shown. Hold for 15 seconds, repeat 3 times.

Hillary is our newest PT joining us on the southshore.

What do you like about being a PT? I love working hands-on with people to help them achieve their goals. I get to be creative every day while getting to know new people and learning how to make them happy. PT is a career with endless learning possibilities and provides a new challenge with each client.


Dear Valued Client, WE’RE CELEBRATING THE NEW YEAR WITH A FULL DAY OF FREE EXAMS!! Spots are filling up and I wanted to make sure YOU had an opportunity to reserve your spot. This is our BIG THANK YOU for allowing us to serve you. To thank you, our valued clients, we are having a day of completely Free Exams for: • All past patients • All present clients who have another problem currently not being treated • All loved ones, family, friends, neighbors and co-workers of our past and present patients Just to review: If you are a past or present patient, then contact the clinic nearest you to schedule your Free Exam. If you are referring a friend or family member, give them the certificate included in this letter and have them call the clinic nearest them to schedule their Free Exam.

The FreeExam consists of a 30minute one-on-one appointment with the Physical Therapist of your choice. The PT will talk with you about the history of your problem. They will examine how you are moving and determine if your strength is sufficient. After this exam, they will provide you with a written copy of their analysis: 1. The cause of your pain or problem. 2. A plan for successful resolution of the problem. The appointments are free, but are limited as each PT only has 10 spots. Please contact the clinic nearest you to schedule your Free Exam.

The Free Exam is ideal for people suffering with:

• Low Back Pain • Arthritis • Sciatica • Neck Pain

• Headaches • Shoulder Pain • Knee Pain • Problems walking

If you are having pain or problems with day-to-day activities such as walking, standing, sitting for long periods, going up or down steps, getting in and out of the car, sleeping or driving, then this is an excellent opportunity to see one of our world-class therapists and find out the cause of your problem. Contact the clinic nearest you to schedule your Free Exam for January 23rd. Sincerely, Matt Slimming, Doctor of Physical Therapy

PS - As a special bonus, all people attending a Free Exam on January 23rd will receive a free STAR PT T-shirt!

The day of Free Exams will be on Thursday, January 23rd

FOLSOM 82205 Hwy 25 Folsom, LA 70437 Phone: 985 796 0106 Fax: 985 796 0169 COVINGTON 340 Falconer Dr Covington, LA 70433 Phone: 985 893 2845 Fax: 985 893 2654

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Lacombe, LA 70445 Phone: 985 951 2242 Fax: 985 951 2243

New Orleans, LA 70114 Phone: 504 302 9177 Fax: 504 302 9188


CERTIFICATE FOR FREE EXAM In celebration of New Years 2020! the Bearer of this Certificate is entitled to One Free Exam on Thursday, January 23rd, 2020.


Please call the clinic nearest you as soon as possible to schedule your Free Exam.

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