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A section of Highway 34 between Main Street and Hillview Circle will be upgraded.

$2.3 million Highway 34 job

In 2008 and 2009, the government spent


about $5 million to improve the highway

between the two towns. About 7,500drivers

Two sections of Highway 34 in

use the highway each day.

Patrick Golding, president of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch no. 423 (centre), with

Hawkesbury and Vankleek Hill will be

Veterans Affairs Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn and MP Pierre Lemieux.


by the Ontario government.

Vets fear impact of election

The province will spend $1.67 million to

upgrade the road in Vankleek Hill, from

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Main Street to the northern limits of town,


and $627,000 to overhaul the highway in

Hawkesbury, where it includes McGill

Street.“This investment made through the

Areawar veterans fear that a federal electionwill bog down implementation of a new

Connecting Link program will help our

benefits package which now sits before the Senate.

community build safer roadways for our

The new veterans charter has been approved by the House of Commons and is now

families, while stimulating the economy

awaiting approval of the Senate.

through job creation,” says Glengarry-

However, if a federal election is called soon, enactment of the new benefits would be

Prescott-Russell M.PP. Jean-Marc

delayed by perhaps as along as a year. That was one of the concerns that veterans from


Hawkesbury, Cornwall, Lancaster, Long Sault and Finch expressed during ameetingwith

municipalities repair their roadways and



Lemieux last week in Alexandria. The Royal Canadian Legion has been pressing for the

highway. This is part of the Open Ontario

swift approval of Bill C-55 (New Veterans Charter) and Bill-480, which would remove the

plan to invest over $32 billion in

GST frompoppies andwreath purchases. Any delay in enacting the new legislationwould


infrastructure to strengthen the economy.

be a disservice to Canada’s handicapped veterans, the legion has lamented. “We are

This is creating and sustaining over 300,000

fortunate to live in a peaceful and democratic country, and for this we owe our veterans,”

jobs. “Our Connecting Link program is one


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That is why, last fall, I announced an additional $2 billion to help our veterans. Veterans

Ontario’s rural and northern communities

Affairs Canada is also working to simplify its processes to make their lives easier.” Said

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and to the families who live there. These



so we may live in the Canada we know today. With his presence, Minister Blackburn is

renewal and job creation,” says

giving them the recognition they deserve and is proving once again that our government

Robin Campbell

Transportation Minister Kathleen Wynne.-

is determined to listen and adapt its services and programs to their needs.”

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On May 1, 2011, we will be moving to 151 Main Street in Hawkesbury! (Assaly Arcade)

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