Learn | Issue 4 Summer 2021

Hello, my name is Mitchell Lurth. I am a jeweler and engraver at Philip’s Diamond Shop in Marion, Iowa. I am going to go through the steps on how to set a stone in the “volcano set” style. We are going to use this technique to set a stone and make it look like an eye with sculpted eyelids!

Supplies ¨ 4 mm CZ ¨ Brass Plate

¨ 900 V-Point Graver ¨ Small Flat Graver

¨ Round Bur ¨ Hart Burs ¨ Flat Punch


Fig.1 For this example I will use a 4 mm CZ and a piece of brass to set it in. I put a brushed surface on the brass for photography purposes.


Fig.2 I first start out by laying out the design. I draw a 4 mm circle where the stone is going to go. Then I draw the shape of the eyelids over the circle.




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