Learn | Issue 4 Summer 2021


Fig.3 The next thing to do is to cut out the inner eye. I use a 90 degree V-Point graver to cut the outline. Then I use a small flat graver to remove the metal within the eye. The further you cut into the material, the thicker your eyelids will be.


Fig.4 Now we can use that same flat graver to cut under the eyelids. You are going to use the flat graver to split and peel back the lids. Cut small sections, working your way back and forth across the eye, making sure not to rip the material as you peel it back.


Fig.5 For making the seat for the stone I like to use round burs and hart burs. I like to use a round bur to make a large azure, and to remove the bulk of the material. Then I use a hart bur smaller than the stone to start out cutting the seat, working my way up to a 4 mm hart bur.




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