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A Growth Stage SaaS Company

Tracker Technologies Is Digitizing Energy Projects Through the Asset Lifecycle

In The Market Today:

Other Softwares

Tracker Software

• Tracker Technologies is built to seamlessly integrate into client workflows • Software is built to democratize the clients data input and allow them to manipulate software

• Users are forced to cater their workflow to the software • Software companies require client requests to flow through them as a means of cash flow

Cumbersome User Experience

Tracker Design

• Client satisfaction is foundational to success • Our coding platform allows for total customization of software

Tracker Service

• Client satisfaction is not prioritized • Customizations are rare and take valuable time and capital

Others Service Model

• Simplistic, transparent pricing with one monthly fee • Completely customizable pricing based on client requirements- much greater probability of success

Tracker Pricing

• Pricing is not client focused • Multiple page pricing sheets







• SQL Server- cloud based • 9 developers full time • Significant presence in both power and oil & gas market • Three software modules

• Began in 2008 as a necessity on a client power project • TrackerDB software only • Microsoft Access based- limited accessibility and functionality • One developer- Andrew Rachel

• Global Corporate Licenses with large scale clients • Further development of Tracker Technologies into construction phase • Focus on integrations with other softwares via Tracker Open API • Further expansion of TrackerMMS to

eventually offer predictive maintenance functionality

Market Potential

Current Global Project Count for Power and O&G as of Nov 2018:

9,850 Projects worth $806.72 Billion

Total Spend Per Year on Software

$7.8 Billion

Size of Opportunity Total Tracker Tech Suite


Current Clients:

Total Operations Management All Three Modules roll up to a common dashboard with reporting, KPI’s, and access to all projects using Tracker Technologies

TrackerDB is the legacy software module of Tracker Technologies. It is deployed in the design stage of the project, capturing engineering data that is used throughout construction and commissioning. Its function in TrackerTOM is component level tracking and management. Reporting, progressing, preservation, and punch listing are all managed in TrackerDB

TrackerFR, Or Tracker Facilities Readiness, tracks, manages, and reports on “soft issue items” such as manual creation status, procedure writing, and all items that are not physical assets onsite. It ensures that the owner or operator is fully prepared to take over the operation of the asset from the constructor

TrackerMMS seamlessly integrates with TrackerDB and TrackerFR to manage the technical integrity through the lifecycle of an asset at a cost competitive price point. It provides clients with an alternative solution for maintenance management that is a built for purpose program at a significantly more affordable price point. For projects who cannot or do not want to spend multiple millions of dollars on large scale maintenance programs, TrackerMMS is ideal.

Full Lifecycle Digitization The complete digitization of a project beginning in FEED (Front End Engineering and Design) and flowing through the entire operations and lifecycle of an asset

Design Procurement

Construction CSU



TrackerMMS: Boosts Operational

TrackerDB: Assures that Technical Integrity of the asset has been achieved prior to Start up

TrackerFR: Ensures the Operator is fully equipped to ssume the safe ownership of the facility upon handover

Performance by tracking, monitoring , analyzing and managing critical assets reliability, usage and performance

“The Energy Industry is Transitioning To Fully Digital Data Streams. Tracker Technologies is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this transition. Our software is built to integrate seamlessly with leading softwares across the asset lifecycle”

Product Led Growth Strategy


Upsell client on TrackerMMS as a logical and cost effective alternative to large scale alternatives, with all baseline data integrated and accessible. Clients utilize TrackerDB and FR again for turnarounds/shutdowns /outages. Long Term, multi year software which drives use of DB and FR during upgrades.


Tracker DB

Upsell client on TrackerFR as a complimentary module that integrates seamlessly into the Tracker Technologies Suite. Used from FEED through operations

Lock TrackerDB in at early design stage and gain LTV through the life of the project.

TrackerDB Subscription Price as tested : $2,800- $8,299/month TrackerMMS Subscription Price as tested : $5,791/month TrackerFR Subscription Price as Proposed : $7,000-$9,000/month

• The “stickiness” of Tracker modules allow for easy up-sell opportunities • Modules are designed to work seamlessly together • Customization adds tremendous long term value to Tracker modules

Tracker Technologies Global Footprint

Burns & McDonnell Canada- Multiple Sites

Kuwait Energy Iraq- Multiple Projects- Total Operations Management

Schlumberger EPF MMS

Burns & McDonnell Kansas City

Schlumberger Sabriya EPF

Elba Island LNG

Enterprise PDH

Shell Gulf of Mexico


Tinaga Nasional Berhad- Malaysia


Singapore FPSO


2018-2019 Projects

2019 Quotations Sent

Tracker Technologies ARR Growth










2019 (Current Commitments)

TrackerDB TrackerFR TrackerMMS

• Average Subscription fee $4500 USD per month • Recover CAC in average of 3-4 months • NPS of 100 • Ancillary services such as training, customization, etc. will continue to develop into additional revenue streams • Burn rate is $35k-$40k per month • TrackerFR Commercially available 2019

Long Term Contract (5 year) Secured with Schlumberger for TrackerMMS in Kuwait Corporate Software for Burns & McDonnell Used by Shell to Manage all Assets in Gulf of Mexico

Management and Sales

CEO, Rev1 Energy

Leads and manages the Rev1 family of companies including Tracker Technologies. Assists in high level sales activities, and planning and execution of Tracker Technologies growth strategies

Technical Expertise

Director and Creator, Tracker Technologies

We are a group of individuals fiercely dedicated

to the safe and successful startup of energy projects around the world. For that reason, we design software that integrates seamlessly into client workflows, increasing productivity and transparency to ensure a safe and successful completion of projects.

Commissioning Professional with more than a decade of commissioning experience in power and oil & gas. Started with Rev1 in 2008 as a field engineer and creator of Tracker Technologies software. Leads R&D and development of Tracker Technologies Software


President, Rev1 O&G

Experienced business leader with more than 35 years of industry experience. Co-founded QEDI in early 1990’s, a software and commissioning firm who competes with Rev1. Martyn leverages relationships in the oil & gas industry to demonstrate and sell Tracker Technologies software

Competitive Advantage

Total Operations Management for Commissioning


HQ Location

Pricing Structure

Level of Customization Commissioning Services Offered

- Cosmetic changes at no charge -Foundational changes specced and priced

-Subscription allows access to entire software module -Optional: Training, simple hourly cost

Tracker Technologies

Dallas, TX

-Subscription fee, Additional for any changes or requests -Training necessary Subscription fee, Additional for any changes or requests -Training necessary Subscription fee, Additional for any changes or requests -Training necessary Subscription fee, Additional for any changes or requests -Training necessary Subscription fee, Additional for any changes or requests -Training necessary Subscription fee, Additional for any changes or requests -Training necessary Subscription fee, Additional for any changes or requests -Training necessary


Aberdeen, UK

Charge for Customization

Charge for Customization

Omega PIMS

Ølensvåg, Norway

Intergraph Smart Completions

Huntsville, Alabama

Spliced into SmartPlant No Facilities Readiness

Charge for Customization

Charge for Customization

Only Database Admins



Charge for Customization

Orbit CMS

Inverness, UK

Aberdeen, UK

Charge for Customization


Facilities Readiness Only

Charge for Customization


Houston, Texas

How Tracker Technologies Would Employ the Capital

Marketing Strategy



• Develop Integrated marketing strategy across all platforms • Invest in branding, media collateral, sales collateral, training videos, promo videos, conference exhibits, lunch and learns

• Continue to expand current client base by utilizing “coach” relationships with new marketing initiatives • Leverage Rev1 Energy locations to market and sell Tracker Technologies around the world • Invest in R&D to expand the value and scope of Tracker Technologies offerings, further enhancing the stickiness

• Hire Operations Manager • Train and hire three full stack engineers • Hire industry recognized Marketing Director • Invest in research to further uncover market opportunities

Early Stage Opportunity: Total Capital Raise: $3 Million

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