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crops while others did fairly well. Food prices this winter are expected to rise as a result. !%((!1.!ŏh+(!ŏ /!+* %.! L’ É cole secondaire catholique d’Embrun se hissait à la première place du podium parmi les écoles francophones de la région. Selon le bulletin annuel des écoles secondaires de l’Institut Fraser,

Environmental Services’ (TMES) proposed CRRRC waste project in North Russell released studies and information about airflow analysis, biodiversity and species- at-risk, earthquake risks and potential groundwater and surface water impacts. In June TMES announced it was adding a second site at Boundary Rd. and Devine Rd. to the proposal. A new opposition group, Dump this Dump2, was formed to represent the communities of Vars, Carlsbad Springs and Edwards. Two open houses by TMES were followed by formal submission of the Terms of Reference. Mere days before the public comment period ended TMES was asked to take a “time out” by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE), which TMES refused. In front of a packed council chambers, Russell Township Council recommended the MOE reject the TMES Terms of Reference, and Mayor J.P. St. Pierre also stated the township would send a bill for their consultant’s fees, translation of the consultant’s report and Township staff time to the proponents. He also delivered a stinging rebuke to TMES for their failure to provide the terms in French, saying it showed lack of respect for and lack of understanding of the community. !3ŏ0.*/"!.ŏ /00%+* Russell Township sold land in the Vars Industrial Park to Laflèche Environmental to set up a transfer station which, if the project is approved, would be used to transfer waste going on to the Laflèche landfill near Moose Creek. ŏ .5ŏ/1))!. Six weeks of almost no rainfall, and only brief episodes before and after, lowered water levels to the point where many area wells went dry, rivers and lakes were noticeably reduced, and the South Nation Conservation Authority announced a Level 2 drought. Water conservation was employed by businesses and residents throughout the UHJLRQ'URXJKWFRQGLWLRQVZHUHRI¿FLDOO\ lifted in mid-autumn, but water levels have still not returned to normal and many area residents have had to drill new wells. Drought conditions throughout much of North America’s croplands caused prices of corn, wheat and soybeans to soar. Locally, crop yields were down, although quality and quantity of wheat, which is harvested earlier, was good. Pastures were generally poor with some farmers needing to feed hay early. Although some Ontario farms were hard hit by lack of hay, in Prescott-Russell hay crops ZHUHQ¶WWRREDGZLWKWKH¿QDOFXWWDNHQ RII DV ODWH DV2FWREHU DIWHU ¿HOGV ZHUH refreshed by some rain in September. Some orchards and vineyards had poor




FLOOR COVERING INC. (1997) A panoply of trends underfoot

Resisting the temptation of exotic wood flooring will be extremely difficult this year. We will all be dreaming about African mahogany with its warm, classy tones: sand, terracotta, copper, caramel, and even green and blue. Rustic hickory and dark knotty walnut are also high on the dream-renovation list. Luckily for us, hardwood flooring is now available in a huge range of different finishes. Your natural wood floor can be hand scraped, brushed, or distressed in order to highlight knots and grains. New colours and contrasting tones are also on offer. Easier to maintain, the new hardwood floors that are factory sealed and oiled have a smoother, glossier finish. Pre-varnished wood now comes with embossed surfaces that create a wave-like effect. Moreover, advances in nanotechnology have enabled the production of a varnish with more effective anti-abrasive qualities. Whether pre-varnished or pre-oiled, the new engineered wood floors, which can be used as floating floor or glued directly to the subfloor, ensure good soundproofing. Another new trend: wood floors with wide planks that create a rustic look. The latest in ceramics is perfect for both floors and walls. New porcelain stoneware tiles create a contemporary look. Ceramic and preci- sion-ground enameled porcelain have now taken on the form of planks that vary in shade and texture to imitate wood. And PVC flooring, which imitates wood and even stone, is also available. Innovations in linoleum production have allowed manufacturers to produce a wide range of textures and colours, including an imitation leather that uses eco-friendly materials. A floorcovering for every room The latest trends will allow you to choose from some interesting innovations, but of course you will need to take into account the demands of each room before settling on a choice. If your main criterion is comfort, for a bedroom or living room for example, carpet is a traditional choice. For the more environmentally minded, hardwood, engineered wood, laminate, or a floating wood floor are also great choices. For rooms with higher humidity levels, such as a bathroom or kitchen, ceramic is an especially suitable type of flooring to consider. You could also opt for vinyl or the new types of laminate, which are water-resistant. For a bathroom, think about limiting the risks of slipping as well as comfort. Natural stone could be an interesting choice here. Engineered hardwood flooring is also a good option for the kitchen, as it is durable and easy to maintain, a perfect combination for this part of your home. Flooring in the dining room must be stain resistant. Choose wood, laminate, vinyl, or a dark-coloured carpet. For high traffic areas, such as the entrance hall or the family room, opt for a durable and comfortable floorcovering such as carpeting, hardwood, engineered hardwood, or laminate. For the basement, it is very important that the subfloor be well insulated. Suitable flooring could include carpet, engineered hardwood, laminate, or vinyl. Cork flooring is a great choice for a home cinema room or playroom because of its excellent soundproofing qualities. All types of flooring are available in varying qualities and a wide range of prices. For help in making the right choice, consult an interior decorator who will be able to give you advice on the style, colour, texture, and motif of your floorcovering for the specific purpose of the room. Most of these specialists offer a free home consultation, and some are equipped with visual software that will give you a good idea of what the final result will look like. PC :In rooms with higher humidity levels, such as a bathroom or kitchen, ceramic is a popular floorcovering. 613 443-5538 781-C, RUENOTRE-DAME, EMBRUN, ON est à votre service depuis plus de 34 ans!

l’établissement d’Embrun recevait la note de 8,4 sur 10. Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medals Several area residents received Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medals. Freda Rodney of Embrun was nominated by Senator Anne Cools. MP Pierre Lemieux nominated local volunteers Anthony Edge of St. Albert, Marie-Claire Ivanski of Embrun, Aurore Crann of Casselman, and Dr. Darrell Menard, Ina Henry, Judith McFaul and Justin McKenna all of Russell.




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FLOOR COVERING INC. (1997) INC. (1997) est à votre service depuis plus de 34 ans!

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L’année internationale des coopératives était lancée en janvier 2012. Dans la région, un comité formé de la Coopérative agricole d’Embrun, la compagnie d’assurances The Co-operators, la Fromagerie St-Albert, la Caisse populaire Nouvel-Horizon et la Coopérative Agri-Est a été mis sur pied sous la présidence de Maurice Godard. L’objectif : promouvoir les coopératives et la coopération dans le cadre d’activités diverses.

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1/%*!//!/ŏ(+/!Čŏ *!3ŏ+*!/ŏ+,!* TheFieldsstoresinEmbrunandCasselman closed as part of the shuttering of all Fields’ Ontario stores except Mississauga, for the loss of about 40 local part-time jobs.

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