Coles College Major Catalog 2021

FINANCE Definition:

HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT Definition: The Hospitality industry encompasses a spectrum of opportunities within the larger service industry. Jobs focus on providing customer service and managing people and operations, as well as specialized or skill-based roles. Professionals in hospitality work together to create exceptional experiences for guests that lead to memories that last a lifetime. Prepare for careers in: Hotel and restaurant management, operations, investment, and advisory services as well as catering and event planning in venues ranging from professional sports and entertainment to convention and exposition centers. Other areas of employment include airlines, cruise lines, car rental companies, theme and amusement parks, and tourism (travel companies, visitors bureaus etc.). What you will study: Service management and operational analytics, with courses in guest service management, revenue management, and strategic analytics in hospitality. Minors in entrepreneurship or marketing may serve to enhance the skills developed in the Hospitality Management major program. Qualities and skills that make a successful Hospitality Management Major:

Finance is an analytical discipline dealing with the acquisition and distribution of funds, financial statement analysis, security analysis, risk assessment, valuation of assets and liabilities, functioning of financial markets, and management of investments, acquisitions, funds, assets, liabilities, risk, businesses, and financial institutions. Prepare for careers in: Banking, financial management, stockbroking, financial analysis, portfolio management, financial consulting, investment banking, and financial planning.

Students are also well prepared for graduate study in law and business.

What you will study: The field of finance integrates many aspects of business, including accounting, finance, business operations, and quantitative analysis. You will learn to understand financial statement analysis, investment management, the acquisition and distribution of funds, security analysis, risk assessment, the valuation of assets and liabilities, the functioning of financial markets, funds, assets, liability management, financial institutions, and more. Qualities and skills that make a successful Finance Major:

• A service mentality • Attention to detail • Team orientation • Enthusiasm and a positive attitude • Strong emotional intelligence

• Problem solving • Analytical skills

• Effective communicator • Ability to self-manage • Comfort with technology

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