Coles College Major Catalog 2021

ECONOMICS Definition:


Economics is the study of business firms; the functioning of regional, national, and global markets; and the development of analytical techniques that aid in decision-making and understanding market behavior. Prepare for careers in: Management, Marketing, Business Research, Economic Planning, and Human Resources with employers in industry, trade, banking, and government.

By developing an “Entrepreneurial Mindset and Skil Sets,” majors in this field enjoy developing ideas and cultivating innovation. Successful entrepreneurs are interested and engaged learners with skills that can be applied to work in a variety of fields. Entrepreneurship is a growth vs. fixed mindset. Prepare for careers in: Entrepreneurship degrees will provide the skillset and mindset necessary to be hired by local start-ups, growing organizations, and/or established companies in these and other fields: • Research and Development • Business Consultants • Sales • Development/Fundraising • Marketing • Real Estate What you will study: Entrepreneurial orientation in a variety of settings, including new venture creation, social stewardship, family business, government operations, and corporate endeavors, to foster deep thinking, experimentation, observation, and reflection. The goal is for students to create an “Entrepreneurial Mindset” rooted in a solid foundation formed by successful organizational practices and theory as a means of instigating creativity and action into economic development. Qualities and skills that make a successful Entrepreneurship Major: • A desire to continually learn and grow • Vision • Problem solving • A strong sense of purpose • The ability to choose courage over comfort Quick Links: Visit our Choosing a Major page at for Advising Checklists. View the Entrepreneurship Major Flyer. View the Michael A. Leven School of Management and Entrepreneurship and Hospitality Flyer

Students are also well prepared for graduate study in economics, law, and business.

What you will study: In addition to taking classes in economic theory, qualitative analysis, and analytics, you’ll also be able to take courses that merge economics with other areas of study, including politics, mathematics, finance, sociology, history, international business, management, and psychology. Qualities and skills that make a successful Economics Major: • Curiosity • Critical thinking • Math skills

• Observation skills • An analytical mind

Quick Links: Visit our Choosing a Major page at for Advising Checklists. View the Economics Major Flyer. View the Economics, Finance and Quantitative Analysis Departmental Flyer.



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