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Do you ever wake up feeling as if your joints are stiff or tight? Do they ache as you get moving in the morning, becoming less painful as the day goes on? If so, this may be a sign of early-onset arthritis. This is a common ailment that many people experience, but many choose to live with their painful joints for far too long before seeking help. (continued inside)

• How Can Physical Therapy Help Me Stay Active?

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• Concussion Prevention Programming • Return To Sport Screening • Cupping Therapy HOW TO STAY ACTIVE WHILE LIVING WITH ARTHRITIS How does arthritis develop? As the most commonly experienced form of arthritis, osteoarthritis is typically easy to diagnosis. It can be caused by a sudden injury to the joint, or it can develop even if a previous injury has fully healed. For example, let’s say you were a football player in college who experienced a harsh blow to the knee. You seek treatment, recover, and return to the game. Although the injury healed in its entirety, it is still possible for you to develop osteoarthritis from it later in life. The same is true for labor- intensivecareers. Ifyouareacarpenterwhoswingsahammer inrepetitive motions as a crucial part of the job, you may develop osteoarthritis in the joints of your elbows or hands. If you are overweight, you may also be at a higher risk for developing osteoarthritis, as additional strain is being put on your knee and hip joints. Rheumatoid arthritis is not as easily understood. It develops as an autoimmune response, meaning that the immune system sees the joints as a threat and decides to attack them. Researchers have come to believe that your medical history, environment, and hormones could all be contributing factors toward the development of rheumatoid arthritis. Because it is an autoimmune condition, it is common for it to affect the same joints on different sides of the body.


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If you have arthritis, you know how debilitating it can be. It affects millions of people and is the most commonly reported chronic illness across the nation. Arthritis is a disorder of the joints that causes them to become inflamed. The inflammation causes the pain and stiffness that you feel, and it can result in a loss of movement if the joints become too inflamed. There are over 100 different types of arthritis, containing monoarthritis (where only one joint is affected) and oligoarthritis (where multiple joints are affected). Some of the most common forms of arthritis are osteoarthritis , which develops from “wear and tear” of cartilage, and rheumatoid arthritis , which develops from overactive immune systems. Arthritis can hinder many qualities of life - from work, to hobbies, to overall mobility. Some people are so affected by arthritis that they are unable to work and have to go on disability. If you are suffering from the chronic pain of arthritis, or you think you might be, call Next Level Physio today to schedule a consultation with one of our physical therapists. Physical therapy is a safe, healthy, and effective way to treat arthritic pain.

How Can Physical Therapy Help Me Stay Active?

Those suffering from arthritic pains can greatly benefit from physical therapy. It is possible to maintain an active lifestyle while living with arthritis, but you may need some assistance. Your physical therapist will conduct a physical evaluation to determine what the best course of treatment will be for you. This may include weight management to help ease some stress on your joints, as well as posture improvement to relieve stiffness and prevent injury. Strength training is also a crucial aspect of PT treatments, in order to improve the overall strength and function of the affected joint(s). Your physical therapist will guide you through gentle exercises that become more intensive as you progress in your treatments, in order to help you achieve your highest levels of physical capability. Your physical therapist

will also provide specific techniques for alleviating pain, which may include thermal therapies, manual therapy, or ultrasound. Physical therapy treatments are aimed at relieving pain and reducing the amount of stress and stiffness surrounding your joints. They are meant to help you achieve your physical goals, whether that means simply managing your pain or helping you get back to running, lifting, swimming, or any other physical hobby that is being limited by your condition. If you are experiencing arthritic symptoms and you are looking to find relief, contact our office today! Our dedicated physical therapists at Next Level Physio will be happy to help you and get you back to living your active lifestyle.

Exercise of the Month Try this movement if you are experiencing any pain.

Strength & Conditioning Coaching

Get to or stay in peak condition by working with the coaches at Next Level Physio to develop strength and conditioning. You’re injured area won’t be the only conditioned part; we will develop a program that works the entire body and fits your needs. This is accomplished


While lying face down with your knee straight, slowly raise up leg off the ground. Hold for 10 seconds then repeat 6 times on both legs.

through the joined forces of biomechanics and fitness, which prevents improper training, overexertion, and an imbalanced strength and conditioning program. With our total-body programs, you’ll achieve your fitness and health goals more efficiently. Next Level Physio isn’t like any other Physical therapy clinic—our goal is to help keep our athletes on top of their game. For more information, Contact us at Woodcliff Lake, NJ center.


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“After years of physical activity in the gym, on trails, and at work, my knees began to develop issues. John, Jerry, Pam and the crew at Next Level identified the problem, came up with a game plan to correct it, and through their innovative style of physical therapy, they helped me return these activities feeling stronger than ever." "...they helped me return these activities feeling stronger than ever."

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Physical Therapy at Next Level Physio

Our philosophy comes down to three words: MOVE. EXCEL. INSPIRE.

Through individualized therapy and conditioning, we work with our patients and clients to help them MOVE correctly, painlessly, and skillfully. Our strengthening, conditioning, and performance coaching help them EXCEL to the next level of their sport and other pursuits. Finally, as our patients and clients reach their aspirations, we encourage them to INSPIRE others along the way to set new goals and reach for higher heights. When an athlete is injured or if he or she is suffering from a chronic issue, physical therapy is necessary for rehabilitation. But every athlete is different and physical therapy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. At Next Level, we work individually with all of our athletes to build a physical profile, identify underlying issues, and create a specialized plan to put each patient on the path to healing. Beyond our hands-on approach to healing, what really sets us apart as a physical therapy clinic is that we don’t believe the partnership should end when the pain does. We partner with athletes to develop healthy lifestyles and design exercise regimens in order to prevent reinjury. This level of physical therapy is unparalleled in the industry and underscores our commitment to full body care.

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