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Keeping Your Hands Safe During Your Springtime Activities



A holistic approach... Have you or someone you k n o w t r i e d

By: Kari Ketner, MOTR/L, CHT

muscle and fascial systems that cause, or resultfrom,handandarmproblems. Sheuses a variety of techniques - manual soft tissue work, a ligament influenced fascial technique (LIFT), a soft tissue relaxation technique that balances the body (Bowen), relaxation (diaphragmatic)breathing,stretching,postural re-education, and collaborative problem- solving to help you live your life without pain. Callus ifyouwanttoscheduleanappointment with Kari! She would love to meet you.

a holistic approach to evaluate whether your hip, leg, and core position and strength may contribute to your neck, arm, or hand pain. At your first visit, she will listen to your concerns about your body, and will also assess your postural alignment, test the length of the muscle and tendon systems throughout your body, measure range of motion/strength, and develop an individualized treatment plan to improveyoursymptomsandhelpyougetback to your preferred activities. Kari has found that patients with chronic conditions or repetitive stress injuries in the hand or arm also often have poor posture and tightness throughout their bodies in the

physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage, focused hand and shoulder therapy, or another treatment method to reduce your

neck, arm, or hand pain with no resolve? If so, there may be another option! Kari Ketner is a Certified Hand Therapist, and has also done additional training that focuses on the whole body, including Bowen work. She uses

Keeping Your Hands Safe •During Your Springtime Activities •

compression. However, it is important to make sure thatyour gloves are not too big or too small, as bigger gloves can allow harmful bacteria to get in, and smaller gloves can decrease dexterity. Moisturize regularly. The sun can cause a lot of damage to the hands, including wrinkles, blisters, and dark spots. By moisturizing your hands everyday,youcanmakesuretheystaysoft and supple. It is also beneficial to apply sunscreen, approximately 15 minutes before going outside. You should also reapply every hour or so if you plan on being outdoors for a prolonged period of time. This will help prevent against sun damage and will improve the overall condition of your hands. Different ingredients in moisturizers can benefityour hands in different ways. Oils, such as baby oil, help to keep moisture in and prevent it from evaporating off your skin. Lotions containing urea or lactic acid can help with dry or cracking hands. Those with hyaluronic acid, petrolatum,

Sunny days are just around the corner, which means springtime activities will soon be in full swing.The weather will get warmer, spring cleaning will commence, gardeningwillpickbackup,andpeoplewill enjoymore time outside in general. While the warming weather may feel nice and refreshing, it is importanttomakesurethat you are keeping your hands safe during yourspringtimeactivities.This isespecially crucial ifyou have a condition that causes you to experience pain inyour hands, such as arthritis. For more information on how you can protect your hands in the spring, contact us at Hands for Living today! How can I protect my hands? Depending on the spring activity you are partaking in, there is a lot to consider regarding how you can keep your hands safe. Below are a few tips for protecting your hands and making some common activities easier for you: Wear the appropriate gloves. There are several activities that require the use of gloves, such as washing dishes,

cleaning the bathroom, gardening, or working on a car. It is important to make sure you are wearing the correct ones to protect your hands during each activity. Gloves can protect your hands against the harsh chemicals found in cleaning products,andeventhehotwaterandsoaps usedtocleandishes.Withoutgloves,these can strip your skin of natural oils, causing them to become dryor chapped.Wearing a pair of cotton-lined rubber gloves while cleaning can help protect against scalding water and harsh chemicals. Dependingonwhatyouroutdooractivities maybe, wearing different types of gloves can also be beneficial. The skin on your hands can be affected by both the sun’s rays or the materials you’re working with, which can cause cuts, abrasions, or blisters. When gardening, weeding, or trimming prickly plants, gloves with long wrists can help keep you protected. Protexgloves can also protectyour hands from cuts, bruises, and harmful UV rays. Forvarious activities, gloves can also help sooth arthritic aches if they provide mild

What if these tips don’t work? The hands are a sensitive area of the body that we use all the time. Therefore, it may be difficult to protect them at all times, especially if you are already suffering from arthritis or another condition that is affecting them. At Hands for Living, we can provideyou with helpful and soothing services to help bring relief toyour hands. Our certified hand therapists can provide care for hands that damaged, cracked, blistered, or swollen. They can also treat injuries inthemuscles,softtissues,nerves, tendons, or bones of the hand. Afteryour treatments, your hand therapist will also provide useful techniques for avoiding further damage or injury in the future. If your hands are experiencing distress, give us a call today. We’ll be more than happy to create a treatment plan that will get your hands feeling comfortable again so you can get back to doingyour springtime activities!

lanolin, or mineral oil will help your hands retainwater. Aloevera and shea butter can help heal and soothe skin that has been damaged or burned.

locks are ideal for avoiding accidents. It is also importanttomakesurethatyourtools are well-oiled before use, so they can cut easily through branches and shrubbery, thus putting less effort and stress onyour own arms and hands. Make sure to always use a tool when possible, instead of your hands. For example, use a rake or hand shovel when digging, as this will protect your hands from any rusty or sharp objects that may be buried beneath the soil.

Be careful and use the correct tools.

Exercise caution when using tools with sharp blades, such as shears or pruners. Make sure you are wearing gloves beforehand to provide extra protection to your hands and fingers while using them. Tools that include built-in safety

Hand Exercise Helps With Weakness and Pain Use your unaffected hand to bend the affected wrist up as shown. Keep the elbow straight on the affected side the entire time. WRIST FLEXOR STRETCH

Patient Spotlight

I now have full movement in my hands and fingers. “Growing up in the bakery business, we use our hands a lot. In the beginning of 2017 my hands were stiff and very painful. The therapists taught me exercises I can use daily and now I can decorate cakes without any pain. I found them to be very professional and knowledgeable. I now have full movement in my hands and fingers.” - Leroy Wallace



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