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Do You Know the Top Questions That Ohioans Should Be Asking About Their Estate Planning Process? Many Ohioans do not have any estate planning in place. In fact, most folks don’t even know what questions they should ask. I’ve prepared a free report that explains the Top 9 Questions Ohioans Should Ask About Their Estate Planning. After reading, you’ll be many steps ahead of others who have not taken the time to research these important issues.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A HIRE The Qualities That Define a Candidate’s Potential

You’ll find answers to questions like this:

I have been told that I should avoid probate. Is this important? How do I do it?

How can someone else make financial decisions for me if I am not able?

“Time spent on hiring is time well-spent.” –Robert Half

How can someone else make healthcare decisions for me if I am not able?

A growing business needs team members. Finding the right ones is essential in scaling a company and creating a vibrant culture. Every entrepreneur has made a bad hiring decision at some point or another. When that happens, it’s extremely costly to replace existing workers and train new ones. It’s vital to place a premium on developing a hiring process that allows you to select worthy candidates who will excel in their roles. A good hiring system involves many factors. You have to cast a wide net in order to attract the largest number of candidates, ensure the recruitment process presents your company as a place where top talent would want to work, and perhaps most importantly, identify the skills and characteristics that will allow you to choose the right people. Let’s take a look at some of the most important qualities a candidate can possess that can make a positive contribution to your business. Skills

How do I make my wishes known about life sustaining treatment?

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Anyone you’re looking at hiring should, of course, be able to do the job they’re applying for. If you’re not absolutely certain that a potential hire will be able to pull their weight, every other

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