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MARCH 2019

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THE GIFT OF A GARDEN Join Us at Al’s This Year

We don’t have a big yard at my house, but we sure make the most of it. Thanks to Louise’s green thumb, we have a garden full of everything you can imagine. At this time of year, the rhododendrons are starting to creep up. By the end of spring, lots of flowers will be in full bloom. I get untold enjoyment from the garden, but I can’t take any credit for it. My biggest contribution is my ability to stay out of the way. When Louise has an idea, I say, “Yes, honey.” When we need some heavy lifting, I call the landscaping company. And that is about it. It’s been an awesome experience to see how our garden has improved over the years. Every year, we seem to have more greenery. Louise assures me that it’s the result of learning more about the soil, climate, and other conditions in our neck of the woods. Some species of flora simply won’t take, and you don’t know until you try. The wonderful folks over at Al’s Garden & Home have been instrumental in helping us turn our home into a horticultural paradise. They’re responsive to our questions and suggest plants they think will work in our yard. Over the

years, we’ve introduced dozens — if not hundreds — of clients to the team at Al’s through our annual garden party at their location in Sherwood. It’s been going on for 18 years, and it seems to get bigger and better every year. When we started doing the event, our firm and Al’s were smaller than we are today. The first couple years, we held our events in a tiny classroom equipped with makeshift tables and whatever chairs we could find. Now, Al’s has multiple locations and a dedicated learning space. We even get the pleasure of having our class taught by local celebrity Judy Alleruzzo, co-host of “Garden Time.” I don’t know what she will be discussing at this year’s event, but you can bet it will be both fun and informative. In addition to learning, the event also includes free coffee, snacks, and a plant giveaway. Al’s is gracious enough to match each of the plants we purchase to hand out as prizes, so we often have over 25 plants. Of course, if you don’t win what you’re hoping for, you can always buy it at a 45 percent discount on the day of the event. In the 18 years we’ve hosted our client appreciation event at Al’s, our garden has grown almost as quickly as Al’s has. They’re now one of the biggest nurseries in the area and, at least in my opinion, they’re far and away the best. It’s awesome to see them flourishing. Given that many of our clients share the same passion for gardening as Louise, I’m not surprised our day at Al’s has become one of the marquee events on our calendar. We hope you’ll join us this April for another great day spent in the weeds. Feel free to call our office for more details. – Garry Li day

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