Transurban FY18 Sustainability Report

FY18 Sustainability Report Transurban 52

About this report

Changes in reporting scope Transurban acquired the A25 toll road in Montreal in late FY18 but it has not been included in FY18 data in this Report. It will be included from FY19 onwards. Assurance KPMG provided limited assurance over selected disclosures within the FY18 Sustainability Report: • Road Injury Crash Index • Recordable Injury Frequency Rate • Scope 1 GHG emissions (tCO 2 e) • Scope 2 GHG emissions (tCO 2 e) • Nitrogen oxides (NO x ) emissions (tonnes) • Customer vehicle GHG emissions (tCO 2 e) • Community investment ($). The KPMG limited assurance statement is available in the FY18 Sustainability Data Report.

This Report covers the FY18 period from 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018 unless specified. Transurban has released an annual Sustainability Report since 2006, and past reports are available on our website. The topics included in this report are guided by a materiality assessment to determine the most appropriate issues for Transurban to report for FY18. We have used several processes to identify material issues for reporting including the GRI G4 Framework, Transurban stakeholder feedback, employee surveys, media and industry peer review. Consistently high priority issues for our business include economic performance, health and safety, local communities, ethical business practices and employee policies. The UN Sustainable Development Goals also guide our reporting of relevant global issues. Additional data and definitions are published in a Sustainability Data Report appendix.

Procurement Customer privacy

Road safety Employee HSE

Economic performance



9 11

Labour complaints Indigenous rights Equal remuneration Biodiversity Local communities Employment Emissions Energy

Public policy Legal compliance Supplier human rights Anti-competition

Indirect economic impact Customer service

13 17 8


Anti-discrimination Community complaints Env. impact of services Marketing communications Env. compliance Training Diversity


Labour relations Service compliance


Freedom of association Human rights screening & training

Local wages and hiring Effluents and waste

Anti-corruption Supplier env. assessment

Human rights assessment Supplier impact on society

Env. complaints Water

Env. expenses Materials transport

Supplier labour practices

Security Forced labour

Human rights complaints Child labour

Material for reporting Not material for reporting Material SDG

Potential consequence to Transurban

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