their service that my clients don’t have to wait. We’ve been working with these experts for years because they have the same work ethic that we do and they also believe in giving the client the best. It all works when you build those kinds of relationships with like-minded people.” Dan frankly explained that being a Jack of all trades in the residential construction industry means “having a deep resource of contractors and suppliers who you can rely on. Every job is different,” he continued, “regardless of simi- larities; jobs vary, at least a little bit. Halifax Heating does our Heating and Ventilation, Evergreen Electrical does our electrical work, B’s Plumbing does all our plumbing, I use Ocean Contractors for all our foundations, Ocean- front Excavating do all of our excavations, I use McCarthy’s Roofing or Classic Roofing for all our roofing, and I’ve got a great relationship with Kent Building Supplies and Payzant Home Hardware as suppliers. It’s taken me nine years to get to the point where I have these relationships, these built-up referrals, but it’s still growing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great now, but there’s always room for more growth in this industry and in a market like this.” If you’re currently working with Monk Renovations and per chance found your business on Dan’s impromptu list, you’re in good company. Dan doesn’t compromise on certifica- tion, registration – or taxes. “When I started the business, the first thing I did was to register my business with the Registry of Joint Stock Companies and get my tax number.



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