Yes, I am a tax collector: I run my business professional- ly, I charge taxes, I give receipts. I know there are a lot of tradesmen who run one-man shops and will work under the table: my thinking is, these guys have just told you they are okay cheating the government. “They’re bringing in some of the best to live and work here and more business owners have to recognize that.” Don’t be surprised if they end up cheating you.” Dan emphasized that, “It’s not just that, taxes pay for medical, roads and schools. No one wants to pay too much tax. It’s the fact that we warranty our work. We are a stable, professional business, committed to our customers and our community.” Commitment, for Dan, goes beyond what the customer can see. “I worked for other people for a long time and I have to say, there’s a whole different level of commitment when it’s yours. You’ve got to write the cheques on Friday. You’ve got to look the client in the eye and tell them exactly what’s going on – and they have to trust you. And trust is a huge thing in this business. I’ve always been of the mindset that my word is my bond, but it means something more, at least



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