for me, when it’s your name on the business card.”

feel good that he recognizes that – he feels valued.”

The fact that this son of a heavy equipment operator from a small fishing village on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore chris- tened his business with his family name says a lot. Dan is legacy-minded and that means continuing a tradition of upholding small-town values in a changing world. “A number of years back when the Syrian refugee crisis was identified and the government started to respond, I thought it would be great if we could help out. One day during a particular busy period, I got an email from a former client who we had done a bathroom addition for a while back who was asking about trade certifications and things like that – and when I responded to her and answered her questions, I asked why she wanted to know that informa- tion. She told me that her family had sponsored a Syrian family and one of the members of the family was an accom- plished painter and drywaller. It just so happened that I was looking for a painter and drywaller. She got me in touch with ISANS [Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia]. They were great to work with. They connected me with the young man, Ahmad, and I hired him on the spot. He’s cur- rently working hard at making his English stronger and his quality of painting and drywalling is great. Ahmad wanted an opportunity to really become a member of our commu- nity here in Halifax and steady work is helping him do that – he’s fitting in and growing into his new home. Ahmad really filled a need here at Monk Renovations and it makes me

“There’s a huge talent pool amongst every immigrant community here in Nova Scotia – in the trades and in other fields,” he continued. “I hope more business owners engages ISANS and step-up to bring-in more talented workers who are new to Nova Scotia, who plan to make lives for themselves and their families here. Even when the language barrier is there, the payoff is good, it’s undeniable. Ahmad is dedicated, loyal – and he’s happy to be here. It’s a hiring experience I recommend to all my counterparts.” Dan believes that ISANS “really holds the key” to Nova Scotia growing its population and strengthening its work- force. “They’re bringing in some of the best to live and work here and more business owners have to recognize that.” “This is our ninth construction season,” he explained. “I’ve been in the construction longer, but it’s nine years since I startedmy own company. It’s the big anniversary next year, but I’ve got to say, even before then, that the renovation industry has been good to us over the last nine years. We have amazing clients, great staff, we’re continuing to grow – and we continue to enjoy building relationships, whatever those may be. Our volumes are steady, but the people that make up the Monk team are solid. I can foresee us doing this for a long time.” Dan’s passion for his industry and belief in his community are and will continue to be the foundation of Monk Renovations.



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