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to purchase new laptops (75 percent of which were brand new) as their employees moved from traditional offices to home offices.Nearly 4 out of 5 respondents (78 percent) said that the short-term investment in technology would lead to security risks as data is stored on a wider range of devices. Companies that fail to address and use appropriate meth- ods of data sanitization when all the recently purchased de- vices are eventually decommissioned, run the risk of data breaches and regulatory penalties. The report found that 44 percent of companies currently have an e-waste policy in place for end-of-life device man- agement, but the plan was not yet being communicated or implemented. “The flood of technology investment which followed the beginning of the pandemic has created clear issues for both e-waste and secure data management,” said Alan Bentley, President of Global Strategy at Blancco.“The switch to re- mote work spurred on a wave of new device purchases, but these new, widely distributed devices have left enterprises feeling vulnerable. It’s fascinating that so many businesses have implemented roles to manage the e-waste issue result- ing from COVID-19, demonstrating corporate social respon- sibility (CSR), but also their concern around how these de- vices will be dealt with when they reach end-of-life.” A conclusion of the report is that a wide swath of com- panies could benefit from rethinking their device manage- ment practices. Key global findings from the report, include: • 92 percent of enterprises agree with the statement,“We must take a serious view on ensuring all devices used to equip the workforce throughout the COVID-19 pandemic are appropriately stored and disposed of.” • 47 percent of enterprises are “uncertain” about how best to communicate e-waste policies.This challenge is ex- acerbated by the fact that the task of being responsible for e-waste and CSR policy communications lacks ownership. Indeed, 39 percent of respondents said the reason their e-waste policies hadn’t been communicated was because no one had taken control of them. • 35 percent of enterprises said their organizations car- ried out physical destruction on end-of-life equipment be- cause it’s viewed as better for the environment. •When asked what will happen to their newly purchased devices when no longer required for remote work, 28 per- cent of enterprises said laptops would be erased to be resold. A further 27 percent said they would be erased to be reused internally.An additional 12 percent said they would be erased and recycled, and 9 percent will send them to an ITAD. Nominations Open For NWRA Hall Of Fame’s Class Of 2021 The National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) is now accepting nominations for its Hall of Fame’s Class of 2021. Hall of Fame inductees are selected from among NWRA members who are industry visionaries and icons who have created enduring legacies through their inspira- tional leadership, core values and significant contributions over the course of their careers.

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When it comes to premium baling technology, after the bale build phase nothing matters more than a properly tied bale. Our approach to automated bale tying is based on over 60 years of continuous improvement. The Balemaster auto-tie technology is a combination of proven electro/mechanical concepts, operator-tested automation and built-to-last construction and design engineering principles. So, until we invent wireless baling, there’s nothing easier, nothing more reliable and nothing faster than Balemaster’s Auto-Tier.

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THE NEW SPARTAN BALER • 5000 PSI hydraulic system uses less energy. • Bales are heavier and maximizes space in trucks and containers. • Produces high-density plastic bales, reduces wire costs per ton, and bales weight up to 2,200 pounds. • Features a wide feed opening at 40 inches wide by 85 inches long. • Creates bales with a 43”x 43” cross section for ultimate load capacity.

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