Oracle December 2020


Welcome to a new season at ORPS. I am your new Safety and Security Chair. I am happily retired from the Los Angeles Fire Department and consider myself a rookie at ORPS as my wife and I have only spent 2 seasons in the Resort. During my second season I joined the Safety and Security Committee to do my share to help make the Resort safe, secure and enjoyable. At the end of last season, we held a full - scale disaster exer- cise. The scenario was a large earthquake, simulating damage to the La Palma clubhouse, gas leaks in the Resort and 10 in- jured patients requiring care and transport to local hospitals. We had members with experience in Emergency command, logistics & supplies, radio communications, and all levels of medical training, to name a few. Thank you to members of the Resort who acted as patients. It was a huge success. I want to thank all those involved for doing such a great job. After 30 years in emergency services, I can assure you all that you are in great hands with the experience we have in this Resort. Our plans for the coming year include: 1. Working with the local emergency providers to assure a fast and efficient response to calls for service in the Resort. 2. Provide and maintain emergency supplies for the Resort. These supplies include first aid kits located in all the Satellite laundry rooms, main Tennis courts and Pickleball courts. These kits are for your use if needed for injuries. Please do not take these supplies to re - stock your personal first aid kits. 3. Conduct another disaster exercise if permitted under the COVID 19 guidelines. I am looking forward to a new season at ORPS. As a safety reminder, please wear masks as required at ORPS. Your safety, and the safety of our community is a priority for us all.

I am pleased to report an Emergency Response Team has finally come to fruition at ORPS. I say this because I was told by many residents, this same program or venture has been attempted numerous times over the past many years only to fail. I took that feedback as a challenge and promised if I set a goal or take on a task, "FAIL" does not become part of the vocabulary! And here we are! We have about 35 members in our total squad. Approximate- ly 12 in one group, we call the “ Dirty Dozen", which consists of Fire Captains, Hazmat experience, firefighters, and gas specialists. Another group with approximately 20 members on our medical team, consisting of doctors, nurses, and EMT's. We even have 2 Radio Communication Specialists. We were fortunate this past Spring, to execute a full blown out Drill at ORPS just prior to the severe COVID - 19 restrictions. It was total success. I would like to personally thank everyone so much for their efforts and volunteering in joining our Team with this great venture which has been long overdue.

Kind Regards, Wilf Kautz / Site #

Tobi Perkins Safety & Security Chair

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