Oracle December 2020

Your FMCA ORPS Officers

Welcome back to ORPS

Jeff Buchman , President – (202) - 577 - 6478 - Lot 835 Susanne Strauss , Vice President – (518) 368 - 8084 Lot 632 Vicki Hilmer , Treasurer – (253) - 312 - 0193 - Lot 1082 Ken Hearn , Secretary – (610) - 573 - 3747 - Lot 835 email: Doug Hibl , ORPS FMCA Nat ’ l Director – (209) - 480 - 8971 Lot 99 For any questions; please contact Ken Hearn. ORPS PICKLEBALL

The local chapter ORPS FMCA board welcomes you back to the desert. Our ever optimistic President Jeff Buchman often puts challenges in this context, “ Let ’ s make lemon - aid out of lemons ”. Yes, “ A spoonful of sugar ” goes a long way; thank you Julie Andrews i.e. Mary Poppins. We will assuredly miss all our Canadian families who make up a portion of ORPS and our chapter. And we will miss US based families who cannot come south or choose to make a home stay vacation the smarter choice for the family. As I write, I ’ m hold up in NY State in our motor coach, Nim- bus. I am going on eight weeks here with light snow in the forecast. I ’ m getting old projects done and we are starting to restore a J24 sailboat in the hanger, anticipating a 2021 sailing season. We had a busy season last year. We had FMCA Chapter On- site Rally , included a Tuesday Rally Welcome Party, Wednesday a hosted breakfast then 14 members played Pick- le ball. Members played in our Golf Scramble Tournament. Thursday, we had two on - going “ Open - to All ” Speaker Series . Dr Hashimoto well attended presentation on your health and ORPS resident Jim Leishman ’ s presentation on circle navi- gating the world in a 40 - foot Ocean Trawler. We had a group Dinner provided by our friends at Bella Roma. In 2020 we also had welcome to ORPS dinner, we made a trip to Temecula CA, hosted a Balloon event, a group went to a bicycle benefit, the Tour - de - Palm Springs. We had constant small gatherings for dinners. We arranged for a group dis- count day for tanks to be flushed out. Our volunteers came through and an outstanding job, working together, good cheer and introducing new members. We sadly had to cancel other events in March, namely the Volunteer Appreciation dinner. We hope this year will be different. This year , Vice President Susanne Strauss and the board are making plans for the maybe a Christmas Party, certainly a scaled down Chapter Rally, probably a wine tasting dinner, smaller group dinners, maybe a trip to nomad campsite Quartzite California, which, by the way, is not very far. Your ideas are always welcome. We encourage you to suggest any- thing we can do virtually or responsibly as a small group. So, who can be a National and Chapter member of the FMCA? Go onto the National website, to join the FMCA. For the local chapter, it is any ORPS owner or ORPS “ long - time renter ” with a Motor Coach, towable RV or 5th wheel . You must be a member of the national FMCA organization first. You will soon find chapter membership applications near the mailroom in El Segundo and LaPalma. National FMCA Benefits include Emergency Medical Assistance as needed, mail forwarding, travel assistance in the event of an issue, discount wireless hotspot, discount tires for your RV or car and a great magazine, just to name a few. The FMCA Na- tional parent club dues are $85.00 first year; $75.00 thereafter. Annual local dues are $25.00. New ORPS Chapter members will also need to purchase a name tag, $10 each.


So good to see so many of you returning for some FUN - IN - THE - SUN!!! As the courts are beginning to fill up (Yes! All 13 of them!), with old friends and new players we want to re- mind all players to HAVE FUN, maintain six feet social dis- tancing when not playing, wear your mask when in the cov- ered areas and not playing, AND HAVE FUN!! For our new players and those players looking to improve John Boudin and Gary Oedekerk are hosting Pickleball lessons with Skills and Drills on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 2 PM to 4 PM. The turnout has been great and its a wonderful opportunity to meet new people while upgrading your skills. Everyone is welcome! We have a sign up sheet at the courts for those wanting name tags. Cost is $5. If you have questions see Kathy or Gary Oedekerk at the courts. Want to be included in the TrackItHub emails or establish your player ranking for future tournaments here at ORPS? Contact Fran Biddle Reminder to all ORPS Pickleball players that the Annual Ugly Sweater Tournament is scheduled for Friday, December 4. Start planning your costume now! More info to follow on TrackItHub and the ORPS Pickleball Facebook page.

Keith Bassham Pickleball Chair




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