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They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

To Justin, Fit Body is much more than your average business opportunity. It’s also a chance to connect with clients and enrich their lives with health, fitness, and wellness. “I want Fit Body to be a platform for me, not only to impact the community but also the world we live in,” Berg says. There’s still a lot more to learn for Berg, who’s a newcomer to the small- business world. “Every day, I’m learning something new,” he says. “It’s been fun, exciting, overwhelming, and scary, but I know that I have an awesome support system (of fellow owners and the team at HQ) here for me whenever I need it. I’d say I’m not quite over the hump yet, but I’m a lot closer now than where I started.” Justin’s on the up and up, but he never forgets the struggles he’s had to overcome. So, what’s his advice to other fitness professionals considering the jump to own a Fit Body franchise?

There’s no coincidence, then, that Fit Body’s newest owner, Justin Berg, is on the cusp of opening the hottest fitness center in Brookfield, Wisconsin. “I was turned down 12 times for personal training jobs,” says Berg. “It was frustrating and discouraging at times as I wondered what in the world I was doing wrong.” That was Justin’s life until, one day, he found a Fit Body ad while browsing the web for personal training jobs. He decided to go all-in on buying a franchise, and what he learned from it completely changed his life. He says, “I learned that you can’t do it by yourself, and that it’s okay to ask for help — all the sleepless nights planning, preparation, phone calls, marketing, ordering, payroll, etc.” That was what appealed to Justin the most. Not only would he get the chance to own a successful small business, but he wouldn’t burn out trying to keep that business afloat himself. He’d have the backing and resources of a world-renowned franchise supporting him. How did Justin make it out of the throes of breaking into the fitness industry? Well, for one, he’s spent the past 16 years enjoying the benefits of fitness, and those years of personal growth pushed him to “give back something in return” to others, which gave him a strong purpose to pursue a career in personal training. Now, he’s on the verge of opening his own location, having just signed the lease for the building.

“I’d say go for it,” he says. “This might be the best life-changing decision of your life.” He adds, “I know we’re all human, so we have every right to be skeptical and ask, ‘Is this too good to be true?’ But from the very moment I decided to let go of that fear of ‘what if’ and go over the bridge of faith, everything became so much clearer.” Justin found the perfect place to achieve his fitness dreams. Maybe more importantly, he found hope.



You can call Crystal Lizama many things: disciplined, passionate, leader … heck, even an MMA fighter.

that’s how we’re able to rock out and assist 500-plus owners with their businesses.” For Crystal, she owes her personal and professional success to routine and structure, something she says she learned from growing up playing multiple sports. Her take: “That’s how you’re able to accomplish a lot of things and achieve your goals. If you’re not structured in your day, you’re gonna be that person that says, ‘I want to do this,’ but then you never do.” Crystal and ops are ready to take the second half of this year by storm. What’s in store? “We’re making a done-for-you printing and promotional item portal with flags, banners, swag, etc. — with the lowest prices around! This will make it easier for you to get on-brand materials for your grand opening or promotional events.” Here are a few other fun facts about Crystal: Her favorite movie is “Rocky IV,” she’d love to hike to Machu Picchu, Peru, and she was the subject of the nationally-televised documentary “Cage Fighting in the USA,” which followed her budding career as a mixed martial artist.

Most of all, you can call her motivated.

“I’m always doing something proactive,” she says. “If I’m not, I’ll feel like I’m missing out on possible opportunities.” It’s these qualities that have taken Crystal, Fit Body’s longest-tenured employee, to the height of her profession. She’s now Fit Body’s director

of franchise operations, overseeing new franchisee onboarding processes, internal franchise process structure, the Territory Department, and the Coaching Department. She’s also assisting compliance, negotiating deals with vendors, and implementing more efficient systems for her team at the HQ!

So how does Crystal get so much out of her team?

“We enjoy doing our work as efficiently as possible and trying to assist as many owners as we can,” she says. “The team’s chemistry is fantastic! We are a pro-level team that is filled with positive vibes and high energy;

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