Liberty Inspection Group - January 2019

Great Books with GOODREADS How a Digital Platform is Connecting Readers Across The Globe

At the beginning of 2018, my goal was to read one book each week. As the year went on, that number dwindled to where I read a book about every other week, totaling 26 books for the year. But the great part about goal setting is that it’s adaptable. If you boil down what I was hoping to accomplish, you learn that I just wanted to read more in 2018 — and I did! I shifted my goal, gained a ton of knowledge, and I’ve acquired a handy new tool to help me: Goodreads. Goodreads is a large-scale book and reading social-networking site, founded by a husband and wife duo. The website allows you to connect with your friend’s bookshelves in a worldwide book club with an ever-expanding library, and you can even download the app to take Goodreads on the go. Users can follow what others are reading, learn more about prospective books they want to check out, read what others are saying about the proclaimed newest bestseller, and use their expertise and opinions to help other readers learn more about a book by offering reviews and ratings. According to Goodreads, the platform also uses 20 billion data points to give suggestions for new books that are primed just for your interests. “Highly recommend! Tyler was fantastic to work with and as thorough as it gets on my townhouse inspection. No detail was missed and a ton of money was saved thanks to his well-trained eye and attention to detail. The seller is taking care of these mostly minor repairs that could have amounted to a lot more than expected and been easily overlooked had Tyler not pointed them all out on his report. He taught me a ton about home maintenance/procedures and was invaluable in my home buying process. Thanks Tyler and Liberty!" -Heather F. “Tyler was awesome. I honestly never thought I would be so happy with a home inspection that I would actually leave a review, but wow, you guys. He was so detailed and easy to talk to. He was upfront and honest, and God bless him for having to deal with the cobwebs in the attic and basement.” –Aubrey S. OUR CUSTOMERS SAY IT BEST

The part about Goodreads I enjoyed the most was seeing what people from my

circle were reading. I have some friends who are crushing their goals and creating great lives for themselves, and as a seeker of knowledge, I want to know what they are reading, learning, and

doing. Goodreads helps me do that, and as both a personal consumer of books and a business owner, I’ve found it immensely helpful. I’m learning what other professionals in the industry are reading, what stories old friends have found intriguing, and books that I didn’t realize could relate to my interests. Despite cutting my 2018 goal in half, I learned more than I could have anticipated. Goodreads has connected me with a new way to learn, and I’m excited to see my bookshelf expand. If you take the dive into Goodreads this year, follow me! I’d love to see what books you’re getting lost in.

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