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A s you may remember from last year’s New Year's cover, my family is committed to making and sticking to New Year’s resolutions. Together, we brainstorm and discuss goals for the new year. Then we create vision boards to hang in our bedrooms or offices that motivate us to work toward them. My wife and I believe this is a simple way to instill good habits in our three daughters and give them some independence while still encouraging smart goals. I’m happy to report that all three girls met their goals this year! Natalie made the gymnastics team, Lindsay and her soccer team went undefeated, and Paige took piano and voice lessons. (To learn more about the progress with my personal goal for 2018, check out Page 2 of this newsletter!) As a business owner, my resolutions extend beyond my personal life; I have plenty of goals for Liberty Inspection Group in 2019. I want to see our business grow 30–40 percent in 2019, and I hope to make the Philadelphia 100 again. We’ve made it onto the list of Philadelphia’s 100 fastest-growing companies for the past two years, and I see no reason to break that trend. Part of the company’s projected growth will come as a result of an emphasis on our commercial inspections. While we prioritize our home inspection service and feel a personal responsibility to each real estate agent, homeowner, and prospective buyer we help, we know we can extend our knowledge and care to

inspection guidelines and are qualified to inspect property using the latest technology.

I’m not writing this as some big advertising

campaign designed to drum up large quantities of commercial business — although, I wouldn’t complain if that happened. I’m writing this to be honest about our goals at Liberty Inspection Group and to show we are committed to providing services we believe will genuinely help our clients. We know we have the expertise, but we also understand that we have to be flexible and adapt to rapidly changing industry trends. A growing number of homeowners are becoming more meticulous and have been calling us directly for a home inspection. The scope of inspections is changing, too; it’s rare to get a call for just a home inspection. Instead, we get asked to do radon screenings, well tests, termite inspections, mold tests, and more. We strive to develop one-on-one connections with these homeowners so we can deliver service catered to their needs. We’re excited to adapt in this ever-changing industry. Homeowners are taking a serious interest in the quality of their homes, and real estate agents are looking to provide exceptional experiences for their buyers and sellers. Thank you for trusting us to serve you in 2018, and we look forward to gaining that trust from more clients in 2019.

business owners and commercial property investors as well. Our professionals are trained on the most recent

Happy New Year!

–-Chris Earley | 610.717.3082 | Page 1

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