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Breaking Through the TV Terminology 4K, HDR, and OLED Defined When you shop for a new TV these days, you’re greeted with a bevy of acronyms and numbers — marketing terms you can’t make sense of. These are terms like 4K, HDR, and OLED, just to name a few. TV makers leave it up to you to figure out what these terms mean. Well, look no further. We’re going to cut through the marketing speak and get to the point. Here’s what today’s popular TV marketing terms really mean. 4K The TV buzzword “4K” has replaced “HDTV” and “1080p” as the go-to marketing term. In short, it’s a reference to the number of pixels on the screen. Standard high-definition TVs (1080p) have a vertical resolution of 1,080 pixels and a horizontal resolution of 1,920. Here’s where it gets weird. 4K TVs have a vertical resolution of 2,160 pixels with a horizontal resolution of 3,840. Marketers decided to swap the vertical resolution as their reference point with the horizontal resolution, because higher numbers are more impressive, right? But 4K TVs seem to fall short of the moniker. Regardless, these TVs have improved color and image quality over standard HD, but you have to have devices — such as the PlayStation 4 Pro or a Blu-ray player — or services that output in 4K to take advantage of the boost in pixels. HDR High Dynamic Range, or HDR, is a type of image processing. When an image is processed, HDR is used to increase or decrease the luminosity of the image. It means bright whites, deeper blacks, and improved colors overall. It’s been used in photography for decades and in video since the 1990s. Most 4K TVs have built-in HDR processing, resulting in better color quality, which translates to better image quality overall. OLED Short for organic light-emitting diode, OLED TVs feature a microscopically thin layer of an organic compound that emits light when an electric current is introduced. Typical LED TVs rely on a backlight in order to produce a lit, visible image. These backlights take up space, resulting in a thicker TV. The major advantage of OLED TVs is they are incredibly thin and light, and they produce deeper blacks for an improved color and image quality.

As Oklahoma’s only attorney solely dedicated to sex crimes and crimes against children, Lee Berlin has established himself as the state’s greatest advocate for those facing life-altering accusations. There is no area of the law scarier for the accused — nor more difficult to defend against — than these types of crimes. If you’ve been accused of sex crimes and/or crimes against children, you need to arm yourself with the most accurate information possible.

Now more than ever, an accusation is all it takes to cripple the accused for life. Nowhere in criminal law are the odds stacked more against you on day one than in sex crimes law. Due to the nature of sex crime accusations and the emotional responses they can evoke from law enforcement, the media, and the general public, a person accused of a sex crime can feel isolated and embarrassed. If accused, you must be prepared to fight back by creating a viable strategy. Lee Berlin’s new book will help you do just that. In his FREE book, “Fighting the Guilt Machine: The Ugly Truth Behind Sex Crime Charges in Oklahoma,” Mr. Berlin explains the difficulties that coincide with finding yourself accused of a sex crime and how those difficulties must be addressed. The book also discusses the many pitfalls that come with being in the crosshairs of a serious investigation. “Fighting the Guilt Machine” offers easy-to-understand information on complex legal procedures and the latest information on sex crime laws in the state of Oklahoma. The book also details how to navigate law enforcement; how to preserve your financial security; and how to handle the isolation that inevitably comes with finding yourself the target of an investigation by individuals who do not have your best interests in mind. If you are facing the possibility of losing your livelihood, your finances, and your freedom, this book is an invaluable resource. A FREE copy of “Fighting the Guilt Machine: The Ugly Truth Behind Sex Crime Charges in Oklahoma,” is available on our website at www.DefendingTulsa. com. You can also request your free copy by calling us at 918-770-0172.

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