Berlin Law Firm February 2019

Our Newest Attorney Is No Stranger The new year started with a bang for the Berlin Law Firm when one of the district attorney’s top prosecutors decided to cross the aisle and join our team. Andrea Brown had been Lee’s “nemesis” in the courtroom for years. Now the two seasoned professionals will be combining their talents to protect the rights of Tulsans. We sat down with Andrea to learn about her background and what led her to make this stunning career move. “I’d decided my time was done with the DA,” Andrea explained. “My husband had been advocating for me to leave for years … I wasn’t being treated fairly.” Having served as a prosecutor for 12 years, the decision to leave her position was quite a leap, but Andrea had a good idea where she wanted to land. When her husband, Brad, asked what her plan was, she told him, “‘I’m going to call somebody I think I’d work well with.’ That was Lee, and it was the only phone call I had to make.” When asked why she chose to seek out our firm, Andrea had some kind words to share about her longtime courtroom rival. “I considered him a worthy adversary,” she said. “Lee is passionate and strives to be the best; you don’t always see that from the defense.” A particular moment MEET ANDREA BROWN!

that sticks out in Andrea’s mind was a time when she switched up her closing arguments on a case and took over responsibility from a junior lawyer because she feared “Lee might pull a fast one on us.” Reflecting back on that moment, Andrea said, “That may be the only time in my life I’ve had to change my strategy.” It’s clear that both Lee and Andrea have considerable respect for one another, but what made Andrea decide to become a defense attorney? It’s simple — dedication to the rule of law. “Over my years as a prosecutor, I’ve had friends and family ask me, ‘How do these defense lawyers wake up every morning and do what they do?’ I’d always point them toward the constitution … Everyone has a right to representation; the system doesn’t work without that. If you’re accused — especially falsely accused — you deserve a lawyer who’s going to give you their best.” We could not be more thrilled to have such a passionate, experienced attorney joining our team. When Andrea isn’t at the office, you’ll find her spending time with Brad and her two daughters or reading the latest crime novel.

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2 bone-in porterhouse steaks

1/4 cup olive oil

Lemon wedges, for serving

2 sprigs rosemary


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