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23rd – 25th September l The RDS Venue, Dublin, Ireland

O ne of the biggest year, the ECOC Market Focus has grown to become one of the focal points of the show and a popular platform to gain industry knowledge and insight into the latest technologies available. This year’s event features a full speaker line up, covering everything from datacentres, photonics integrations and digital silicon photonics to fibre access, service and content provider optical transmission, delivered by industry professionals. Market Focus, sponsored by Inphi , showcases the very latest news and developments from leading organisations within the fibre optics community. SELECTED MARKET FOCUS HIGHLIGHTS Beyond 400G: the challenge of testing the link, transmission and services Viavi Solutions: Dr Paul Brooks, Lab & Production Business Unit This presentation explores some of the potential challenges we will face at ‘beyond’ 400G including MAC rates having to process 100’s of millions of packets a second, electrical lanes running at 100Gbps and complex logic elements like FEC blocks mandated to deliver error free communication. This is further complicated by the emergence of pluggable coherent optics which will play a significant role at beyond 400G. Test and measurement has to address all these challenges before anything can be deployed. The market for high speed optical communications Ovum: Lisa Huff, Principal Analyst, Optical Components, 2019 has seen the start of the adoption attractions at the ECOC expo every year is inevitably the Market Focus. Now in its thirteenth successful

of 400G in data centre networks while already shipping 400G/600G into telecom networks. Shipments to both will accelerate in 2020 and beyond fueled mainly by large cloud data centre operators. Ovum will present market data to show the overall growth of this market and how optical integration and Silicon Photonics will become much larger contributors to it. What does the cross-over from pluggable modules to co-packaged optics mean for industry? Finisar: Martin Zirngibl, Chief Technology Officer Co-packaging the optics and the switch will fundamentally alter the current optical industry’s eco system since the majority of the day one cost is now in the optics. Zirngibl will discuss the technology options for co-packaging and the changes they will likely cause in the switch/optical hardware business. Leveraging 400 GbE to enable 800G Cisco: Mark Nowell, Cisco Fellow This talk will focus on what the status of 400 GbE, what the network needs beyond 400 GbE might be and how we can ensure we can meet those needs by leveraging these recent technology advances and extending as necessary. Challenges in 5G optical interfaces and modules Source Photonics: Manish Mehta EVP, PLM Looking just a few years ahead, bandwidth scalability challenges are looming in terms of density, cost, and power; challenges that require tighter integration of optics and networking silicon. Mehta will review motivation for integration and the enabling technology

elements, and discuss how co-packaged Silicon Photonics enables higher density, reduced power per bit, and ultimately the continued scalability of network bandwidth and performance. Next generation access technologies: enabling efficiency, flexibility and future-proof evolution Infinera: Dr. David Welch, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Office, Infinera Welch introduces a new paradigm for next-gen access optical transport; one that enables highly efficient software- configurable and network-aware bandwidth to the network edge, high- density point-to-multipoint connectivity, and the optical reach of coherent optics; enabling simpler and more dynamic access service delivery. Measuring vehicle speed, density and road conditions using standard telecom fibre carrying high speed data traffic Verizon: Glenn Wellbrock, director of optical transport network architecture, design and planning If carriers’ telecom fibre network can also function as sensor network, then the infrastructure will not only carry telecom data, but also generate various useful sensing data. This change will double the values of a carrier’s fibre assets and provide a large-scale environmental monitoring system serving many applications, such as smart city and smart community. Photonic integration opportunities for next-generation coherent high- capacity systems Ciena: Martin Guy, Senior Director From an optical component perspective, the right combination of photonic


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