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integration technologies will be mandatory to address all of the stringent requirements related to bandwidth, size, power and cost. In this presentation, Guy reviews the opportunities associated with InP and silicon photonics optical material platforms and photonic packaging technologies to address the challenges of next-generation high-capacity optical coherent transmission systems. Innovative integrated photonics for green supercomputing Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Di Liang, Senior Research Scientist The ending decade of 2010 is an era when cloud-driven data centres and photonic links, particularly silicon photonics, enable each other to scale. The same promise is held to develop interconnect solutions with energy efficiency, large bandwidth, low latency, and affordable cost. Liang will elaborate HP’s vision to build an open silicon photonics ecosystem to better prevail the technical challenges and create more business opportunities. NG PON and 5G Nokia: Ed Harstead Lead Technology Strategist, Chief Technology Officer, Fixed Networks While PONs have been deployed almost exclusively for FTTH, the anticipation of 5G densification focuses attention on mobile transport. Can TDM PONs support the requirements for 5G backhaul, mid- haul and fronthaul? Doubts about the suitability for fronthaul have recently renewed interest in various flavours of WDM PONs. This talk will sort out the required components, the practicality and the timelines for these proliferating PON technologies. Market segmentation and business analysis of 400G+ coherent transceivers from DCI to subsea IHS Markit: Timothy Munks, Principal Research Analyst In this presentation, Munks compares and contrasts the relative strengths and weaknesses of 400G ZR with 400G ZR+ and with embedded 400G+ coherent transceivers. He will also look at the requirements for and the market sizes of the optical transport applications ranging from DCI, metro-regional, long haul and subsea, with insights into where, why and how many of the 400G/600G/800G transceiver are likely to be deployed and utilised over the next five years. Multi-core fibre: does it make sense and where? Corning: Sergei Makovejs, Market and Technology Development Manager This talk will provide a fresh perspective

on whether MCF represents a viable capacity increase pathway and under what conditions, by revisiting the very problem statement that MCF is trying to solve. We will also review MCF ecosystem advantages and challenges, discuss the application spaces where MCF is more likely to happen, and evaluate other potential options for capacity and density improvement pathways. Design considerations for 400G and 800G board mount optics Ciena: Hugues Tournier, COBO Electrical sub-group Chair This presentation addresses these design considerations for the Consortium for On-Board Optics (COBO) compliant modules as well as share modelling and measurement results to help kick-start next generation system designs using 400G and 800G on-board optics. Deployment of the 400ZR ecosystem OIF: Karl Gass, Physical and Link Layer Optical Working Group Vice Chair. Gain insight into the key technical challenges network operators, system vendors, module integrators, and test equipment vendors face as the initial 400ZR deployments balance low-cost with delivering an optimal standard. The many reasons for today’s growth of ROADM networks Lumentum: Brandon Collings, Chief Technology Officer This presentation will review the underlying trends that have enabled ROADM growth including (i) deployment in regions where ROADM have typically not been deployed, the evolution of existing ROADM networks to next generation infrastructure and the impact

of more fibre pairs being deployed per route to support network capacity growth.

Next generation coherent – beyond transport networks Acacia Communications: TomWilliams, Vice President of Marketing What are the advances necessary for widespread deployment of coherent in high-volume applications and how will this impact future network architectures and development roadmaps? Datacentre and optical network innovation: enabling the 5G ecosystem Keysight Technologies: Beate Hoehne, Director of Sales & Business Development, Network and Data Centre Solutions highlights future trends for high-speed computing, 400G/800G data centre networking, terabit metro/long-distance networks, and the 5G wireline fronthaul infrastructure. Photonic innovations enabling transformational megatrends in consumer, automotive and life sciences markets II-VI Inc: Dr. Sanjai Parthasarathi, Vice President, Strategic Marketing This talk will address transformational and irreversible megatrends such as 3D sensing, growth in mobile and 5G communications, electric and autonomous vehicles, Internet of Things with smart sensors, Industry 4.0 and point of care diagnostics, which are driven by innovative use of lasers, optics, detectors, engineered materials and integrated systems. This keynote offers new insight into the state of the industry and


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