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Acacia’s AC1200-SC 2 Coherent 1.2T Single-Chip, Single-Channel Module

Enabling 400GbE Services Anywhere and Everywhere Acacia Communications, Inc. is introducing the AC1200-SC 2 (SC “squared”), the first coherent module that delivers 400G clients over a 1.2 Terabit single channel transmission, powered by Acacia’s single-chip 1.2T Pico DSP. The AC1200-SC 2 enables network operators to support today’s 100GbE clients, as well as the emerging 400GbE clients across key network segments like DCI edge, metro, long-haul and submarine in an efficient, scalable, cost-effective manner. The AC1200-SC 2 leverages Acacia’s 3D shaping technology designed to optimize fibre capacity and reach by filling gaps in margin and spectrum. 5-star fibre testing made simple for frontline technicians Optical Xplorer is an innovative, fast and simple-to-use fibre optic tester. It verifies optical links within seconds and automatically explores further if any potential issues are suspected. The industry’s first optical fibre multimeter (OFM), Optical Xplorer upskills frontline technicians to do more in less time without cutting on quality. It boosts frontline technician efficiency; ensures better network quality; and minimizes delays and escalation costs. Powered by three patent- pending breakthroughs CLICK-OUT™ OPTICAL CONNECTORS

400G transmission using QPSK modulation for long-haul and submarine applications. This application flexibility facilitates network savings by enabling common hardware to address multiple deployment scenarios, including 100GbE/400GbE, as well as reducing the need for costly regeneration nodes for long-haul and ultra-long-haul links. The software intelligent AC1200-SC 2 coherent module supports 1.2T in a footprint that is 40% less than the size of 5” x 7” modules supporting transmission speeds of 400G today. For more information, visit or contact

Fine-tune adjustment of the modulation order and baud rate provides network operators with the ability to adapt the transmission characteristics to meet the requirements of both greenfield and brownfield deployments. Capable of adapting to any channel spacing

up to 150 GHz, the AC1200-SC 2 provides network operators with a straightforward channel plan roadmap. The single-chip, single- channel AC1200-SC 2 supports 3x 400G transmission using 64QAM modulation for DCI edge applications, as well as 1x

Meet the industry’s first optical fibre multimeter—Optical Xplorer™

associated with factory-based updates, maintenance and repairs. FAULT XPLORER™ Identifies And Locates Faults Within five seconds, Fault Xplorer displays IL, ORL and length on good links while tracking suspicious events. Fault Xplorer goes beyond flagging severe events like a fibre break to identify all link components that would not pass full acceptance. Techs get the chance to solve problems on the spot, without escalation. EXFO ADVISOR™ Fibre Health Check With the built-in EXFO Advisor™ feature, techs get the benefit of EXFO’s 30+ years of fibre expertise and sophisticated

algorithms at the push of a button. In less than three

seconds, EXFO Advisor assigns a 1- to 5-star rating to deliver a qualitative assessment of fibre link quality based on industry best practices. It’s an evaluation of fibre link health that looks at how efficiently and robustly a link is built. A Transformation In Fibre Testing Experience fibre testing that’s simpler, better, faster, leaner and stronger. Optical Xplorer streamlines procedures to reduce delays and escalation costs in the field while freeing up expert technicians to focus on more relevant tasks. Get 5-star fibre testing made simple for frontline technicians.

Optical Xplorer’s lifetime calibration, patent-pending Click-Out™ optical connector and field replaceable battery empower field techs to do more directly from the field, reducing downtime and logistics


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