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Inspect, Clean, Inspect with Sticklers Fibre Optic Cleaners

JENOPTIK presents solutions for PIC testing and highly efficient light coupling

Sticklers™ Fibre Optic Cleaners presents new Fibre Optic Inspection and Cleaning Kits. Choose from a variety of kits to meet your specific needs.

Jenoptik provides unique optical and mechanical solutions for the telecommunications market, from prototyping to volume manufacturing. The strategic business unit Semiconductors & Advanced Manufacturing develops and manufactures customer specific micro- optic components to enable high-speed fibre optic communication. These highly efficient light coupling solutions combine highly precise mechanical features and aspheric micro-optic lens shapes to be used in standardized industry formats and specialized OEM applications for transceivers. Jenoptik also developed a novel optical concept for high volume wafer-level test of photonic integrated circuits supporting the manufacturing chain of transceiver chips. Find Jenoptic at ECOC 2019, in Hall 4, Booth #446.

Each kit includes everything required to produce pristine ferrule and end faces with zero defects in just seconds. Kits include Sticklers Fibre Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner, a TravelSAFE™, nonflammable optical-grade cleaning fluid; Sticklers CleanWipes optical-grade lint-free wipes; Sticklers CleanStixx™ Connector Cleaning Sticks; Sticklers CleanClicker™ Fibre Optic Connector Cleaners, a refillable cleaner that provide hundreds of cleans before they must be replaced; and a quality hand-held microscope inspection probe that provides instant pass/fail cleaning results on the unit screen to ensure you are meeting industry standards or custom requirements. Everything you need is stored in a rugged, watertight carrying case safe from contamination when out in the field. Visit us at ECOC 2019, Booth #256 for a demonstration.

MXC® Single Port Blind Mate Connector

US Conec’s new MXC® Single Port Blind Mate connector is optimised for use with the PRIZM® MT expanded beam ferrules and enables high density fibre links in true optical backplane architectures. While utilising the same external cable MXC® plugs for front panel and backplane applications, novel X, Y and Z floating mechanisms allow for generous mismatch The low-profile design enables multiple MXC® Single Port Blind Mate connectors to be mounted with a close pitch enabling scaling to any port count. The user-friendly design allows fully connectorised and tested assemblies to be installed or removed from the daughter card with a simple snap engagement into a mounting bracket. The mounting bracket resides under the daughter card plug assembly minimising the overall footprint. Eye safety shutters protect operators from unused adapter ports. With the advent of on-board and co-packaged optics, managing optical between the card mounted and rack mounted connector components.

connections in backplanes or midplanes in an efficient, cost effective manner is an absolute necessity. US Conec’s MXC® Single Port Blind Mate connector leverages the supply chain infrastructure and proven reliability of the MXC® platform to solve significant challenges including low

insertion loss, low connector forces, and scalable port counts. Please visit US Conec in Booth #126 at ECOC to learn more about the MXC® Single Port Blind Mate connector in addition to US Conec’s portfolio of high-density optical interconnect products.


ISSUE 18 | Q3 2019

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