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Meet the Men Behind Your Meals MAY 2018

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Matt Bedard and Putting Nutrition First

for two years before I discovered there was a culinary nutrition program, and it was actually at Gillette Stadium where I found my path in life. The president of the New England Patriots was giving a speech about sports training and the importance of nutrition to good health, and I was mesmerized. I could clearly envision myself in that field, creating a positive change through health and wellness. I got my bachelor’s in culinary nutrition and am currently working to get my master’s and become a certified dietitian. My dream is to become a sports dietitian, which is what makes working at October Kitchen with Chef Paul such a wonderful opportunity. Being exposed to all of the recipes he comes up with and seeing the different food combinations he uses helps me become a better chef in the long-run. I’m learning a lot, and it’s great to learn so much in a place where I can also help people. My job is to take Chef Paul’s menu items and adapt them into healthier recipes. Each meal needs to be well-balanced and meet the recommended criteria for calories, fat, sodium and carbohydrates. I have a hand in every meal we test in the kitchen, running every ingredient through the nutraCoster software to guarantee they are meeting the high standards Chef Paul holds himself to for our customers. Each meal presents a unique challenge, and I love being able to be creative and work with such a great group of guys. Chef Paul has been a fantastic mentor; he even wrote me an awesome letter of recommendation for the dietitian internship I applied to. I’m proud of the work I do at October Kitchen, and I can see myself working here for a long time. –Matt Bedard

Creating satisfying meals that are delicious and nutritious is a real balancing act. Fortunately, I don’t have to do it alone. October Kitchen’s nutritionist, Matthew Bedard, is a real talent when it comes to taking my creative concepts of a dish and making sure it doesn’t miss any of the healthy beats. He uses specialized software to make sure a certain dish is low in salt, high in vitamins or diabetic-friendly. He’s so good at his job — and at slipping into the kitchen unnoticed — that we call him the “Computer Ninja.” I’ve had many people ask if we have a nutritionist in our kitchen, so this month, I would like to give everyone the opportunity to get to know Matt, our Computer Ninja. He’s our secret weapon and I’m happy to have him around. –Paul Finney

“I could clearly envision myself in that field, creating a positive change through health and wellness.”

It has become so easy to take our food for granted or mindlessly eat something without thinking about what we are putting into our bodies. We grab what’s convenient and just hope it’s enough. But food is fuel! The right meal

Matt Bedard

plans can help a quarterback lead their team to victory, give an Olympian the boost they need to bring home gold or help us feel healthy for years to come. Good food has always been a passion of mine. I attended Johnson & Wales University to major in the culinary arts, but I didn’t initially set out to specialize in nutrition. I was at school


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