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APRIL 2018


H ere’s a story I’ve never told before: Why am I a real estate investor?

“If you are in a transaction, it needs to be a win for all parties involved. Otherwise, you have no business being a part of that deal.”

Now, this is a different story than how I became a real estate investor. The "how" is very simple: I got into real estate investing in 2003 after consumer financing was pulled from the manufactured home industry. I’d spent my whole life around real estate and manufactured homes. My father, Wallace Conner, sold over 100,000 homes to over 100,000 families across the nation before he retired. It was a huge part of my life. I would have never left the manufactured home industry, but when the manufactured home industry left me, I knew I needed to find a new path. Fortunately, I found that new path, thanks to our dear friends Kim and Craig. My wife, Carol Joy, and I are both close to them, and they were able to finance their dream home by flipping a house. They got some help from Kim’s father, who was a real estate investor down in Florida. He came up to North Carolina to help them out, and within 90 days, they had $25,000 in profit. They had enough for the down payment, and I remember thinking, “If I ever have to move on from the manufactured home industry, I want to flip houses.” In 2003, the time had come to make that move, and here we are 15 years later. That’s the how, but the why is another matter. What has kept me in the industry for 15 years? I will tell you right away, it’s not the money. A lot of people get into real estate investing with money as their “why.” They want to have big houses, fancy cars, fancy country club memberships, and luxury vacations. But no matter what industry you’re in, material possessions should never be your “why.”

tells us we should enjoy the fruits of our labor. When you work hard to earn good money, you should enjoy it. But when we make the mistake of working hard just to earn money, we ultimately find ourselves living an unsatisfied life. Years ago, back when I was still in the manufactured housing industry, I had a conversation with a friend who was very successful in business. He was smart, hardworking, and a respected leader of the industry. And he made a lot of money. But one day, we were out getting lunch, and he asked me, “Jay, why am I not satisfied? I am making all this money. I’ve got the boats, the motorcycles, a nice house, and I even have an airplane! So why am I not satisfied?” The reason this successful guy wasn’t satisfied is the same reason I’m telling you not to let money be the only reason you’re a real estate investor: Stuff doesn’t last. Nice stuff can go away, and then what are we left with? We need to dig deep when we ask ourselves “Why?” We need to look at what’s really important to us and how our work will give us not just things, but meaning. How does our hard work leave us fulfilled as well as financially secure?

Don’t get me wrong — I like the nice things in life. And there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your hard-earned wealth. The Bible

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