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5 GET GOOD, QUALITY SLEEP EVERY NIGHT. 6 AVOID TOXINS IN THE ENVIRONMENT, AND DETOXIFY ONCE A YEAR. 7 READ AND LISTEN TO POSITIVE INFORMATION. 8 VISUALIZE YOURSELF IN A HEALTHY, HAPPY STATE. 9 SURROUND YOURSELF WITH HAPPY, POSITIVE, UPLIFTING PEOPLE. 10 KEEP YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM (WHICH CONTROLS YOUR ENTIRE BODY) FREE FROM INTERFERENCE BY HAVING YOUR SPINE ALIGNED WITH REGULAR SPINAL ADJUSTMENTS. We’re all recovering from the disasters that struck our area, and it serves as a reminder that anything can happen at any time. We need to be prepared for what may come, including health problems. If you want to have a fantastic 2019 and make sure you can be there for your loved ones for years

year has been a real challenge for them: My sister was diagnosed with cerebellar ataxia — a condition caused by the shrinkage of the cerebellar portion of the brain, which controls balance and gait. Since this affects how she walks, she ended up needing a knee replacement. While recovering from the knee surgery, she fell and broke her hip! As terrible as her condition is, if she hadn’t previously been in such a healthy condition, her recovery would have been insurmountable ... which brings me to you! I hope you are thinking about your health goals for 2019. Maybe your goal will be to lose weight, get stronger, have more energy, eliminate pain, reduce medications, etc. These are all essential, and we are here to help you achieve your goals in all these categories. However, you need to fix the foundation of your body so that, if you have a health crisis, your body can heal more quickly and efficiently. I call it “health disaster preparedness.” These are the crucial steps to follow for the improvement of your health — not just in the new year, but for the rest of your life: 1 MOVE YOUR BODY AT LEAST 30 MINUTES A DAY. 2 HYDRATE — DRINK MORE WATER. 3 BE COGNIZANT OF WHAT YOU ARE GRATEFUL FOR, EVERY DAY. 4 FUEL YOUR BODY WITH HEALTHY FOODS.

Happy New Year’s from my family — and my amazing team, Rosey and Diana! We were thrilled to have our son Darren home with us for Thanksgiving weekend. We were able to visit with Susan’s family in Whittier and then stay with my sister and her husband, who live on the beautiful island of Coronado, near San Diego. Susan always says that Coronado Island, with its beautiful beach and the Hotel Del Coronado, is her “happy place.” During the holidays, they even have an ice skating rink on the beach!

Our son Darren home for Thanksgiving weekend.

When we got home, we said goodbye to our son as he embarked on a 6-month bicycle tour through Europe. For Christmas, we flew to Denver, Colorado, to spend it with our daughter Marissa, her new husband, Bryan, and their two dogs. We even took our dog, Pippi, on the airplane with us. My sister, Christi, and her husband, Tom, who are in their 80’s, have always been very active and healthy. Tom used to be an avid mountain climber, and they were always physically active outdoors. They have really taken care of their health throughout the years. However, this

to come, this is the list to work on. Fix these areas, and watch your joy and happiness soar!

–Dr. Steven Alff, D.C. 1 (805) 648-7987

What to Keep, Gift, Donate, and Throw Out A GUIDE TO DOWNSIZING

before anything is thrown out. Your kids may value certain items more than you ever realized. If you suspect a certain heirloom could be a source of contention, it’s best to hold on to it and make it part of your estate plan. Only Keep the Essentials After completing the first three steps, you should be left with only those items you actually use and those that have the most sentimental value to you. These are the objects worth bringing to your new home. Bonus Tip: Color Code Each Category Odds are that you’ll find junk and valuables stored right next to each other. If you don’t have time to physically separate them at the moment, use different colored Post-it notes to keep everything organized when it comes time to move.

Many homeowners reach a point in their lives when they’re ready to move from the house they raised their families in to something

smaller and more manageable. While finding the right place can be a challenge, the hardest part of downsizing is often sorting through a lifetime’s worth of possessions. This process, called contents downsizing, is much easier when you follow this four-step system.

many worthy organizations, such as Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or St. Vincent de Paul. Donations are a way to give back to the less fortunate instead of simply giving or throwing things away. Give Gifts to Loved Ones If you have children, they will undoubtedly want to keep a few cherished mementos and precious possessions. Deciding who will keep what can be a sensitive subject, so you’ll need to devise an equitable way to divvy up the goods. Some families engage in the process collaboratively, but there should always be some communication

Start With the Junk Beginning your downsizing with the hardest items will only lead to frustration and inaction. Instead, start by tackling areas of the house that are full of documents, knickknacks, and boxes you haven’t touched in years. These will be the easiest to part with and will put you in the right downsizing mindset. Donate Unwanted Items The next category contains items that are no longer valuable to you or your family but may be useful to others. These items can be donated to one of What Our Patients Say Dr. Alff is amazing! I can’t believe what a difference chiropractic care has made for my overall health. Tension headaches and migraines were commonplace in my life until I began chiropractic treatment. Sure, I was very skeptical at first. How could an adjustment of my back make my headaches disappear? But that’s exactly what has happened. Not only do I experience next to no headaches compared to a past average of 1–3 headaches per week, but I also have such renewed energy and stamina. The stresses of my career and life in general do not wreak the havoc they used Julie Shares Her Story

discs, and nerves. It has made such an incredible difference in my health and attitude. Thank you! –Julie

to on my body. Regular adjustments help me stay healthy, focused, and balanced. I am grateful to Dr. Alff and his wonderful staff for teaching me about the importance of caring for my spine, 2


Avo iding the Lure of Your Chair

As modern technology continues to evolve, it seems like people are sitting more and more. Smartphones and tablets are a big part of everyday life, and many activities that used to be physical can now be done without having to move at all. It’s not uncommon for someone to get out of bed, sit in the car on the way to work, sit all day at a desk, sit in the car on the way home, and then sit all evening watching television or playing on their smartphone. The Trouble with Sitting Many people will look at the previous paragraph and say they have no choice but to commute to work and sit at a desk. This may be true, but excessive sitting is rough on your back and bad for your overall health. More and more evidence has emerged regarding the health dangers of sitting all day, and you need to take a more active role in managing your health. Know the Symptoms When you sit all day, you put almost twice the stress on your spine as you would standing, which is dangerous. If you’re the type to hunch forward slightly in your chair, the problem gets even worse. When TAKE A BREAK

you lean your shoulders forward, your back makes a “C” shape, removing the natural curve at the bottom of your spine. You might not realize you’re suffering the effects of sitting at a desk all day, but there are several symptoms you probably

already notice: • Neck pain • Back pain • Hip pain • Numbness in your legs and hands

• Swelling in your ankles • Weak abs and glutes • Fatigue

to stay active. While it might be difficult to muster the energy to take a walk after work or to hit the gym, you won’t be sorry. Every hour, take a quick break and get up for a few minutes to stretch (we have some effective ones to share with you). Work with us to come up with a healthy nutrition plan, and avoid unhealthy foods that will only add to your already less- than-optimal situation. How Chiropractic Care Can Help We can help you achieve pain relief and overall wellness. Ongoing chiropractic treatment relieves stress; improves posture, brain, and immune system function; and helps you sleep well, all of which will ramp up your productivity during the day. Call us to make an appointment today.

Long-Term Effects There are far more dangerous conditions that can stem from sitting for prolonged periods, including heart disease, diabetes, less brain function, and a 61 percent greater risk of dying if you sit for more than seven hours a day. While these are certainly alarming, you can take an active role in preventing them. How You Can Help Yourself Those who have a sedentary job and sit most of the day need to work extra hard




• 1 bunch arugula • 1/2 cup fresh mint leaves • 1 avocado, cut into wedges • Salt and pepper, to taste

• 1 blood, cara cara, or navel orange, sliced 1/8-inch thick and deseeded • 1 Meyer or regular lemon, sliced 1/8- inch thick and deseeded • 4 tablespoons olive oil, divided • 1/4 small red onion, thinly sliced • 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice


1. Heat oven to 425 F. 2. In a rimmed baking sheet, toss citrus slices with 1 tablespoon oil and season with salt and pepper. Roast citrus until lightly charred and caramelized, about 10–15 minutes. Let cool. 3. Meanwhile, in a large mixing bowl, combine onion and lemon juice. Season with salt and let sit for 5 minutes. 4. Add citrus, arugula, and mint to onion mixture. Drizzle with remaining oil, season with salt and pepper to taste, and toss thoroughly. 5. Add avocado, combing very gently to not crush avocado. Inspired by Bon Appétit


What if you devoted this year to simply loving yourself more? If you are starting this year not quite feeling like yourself and wishing you felt better, please give us a call and schedule a free, no obligation consultation. (805) 648-7987

3 (805) 648-7987

(805) 648-7987


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