Carnaby Magazine ISSUE 07

–– VIU


5 UPPER JAMES STREET What can our readers expect from a visit to VIU? VIU offers a 360-degree shopping experience with cutting-edge design and expert craftsmanship. We offer free eye tests and pay particular attention to providing every customer with the best service and products, following our #framingcharacters claim. What’s unique about the Carnaby store? The eyewear wall is crafted from shimmering black anthracite stone, reminiscent of a night sky filled with stars, and the mirrored walls and ceiling convey a feeling of infinity.

What are your standout styles for spring/summer 2020?

Definitely the LUNETTES 01 and LUNETTES 02 from our collaboration with the Swiss design house Armes. Futurism meets functionality, reimagining and repurposing builders’ safety specs into a wearable piece of art. –– Sacred Gold 40 BERWICK STREET Tell us about Sacred Gold. This is not your average piercing studio: we specialise in ear curation with genuine gemstones set in gold – white, rose, yellow and even black gold. We also offer a bespoke jewellery service where we can create whatever piece of jewellery you want. What do you love about Soho? Soho feels like proper London – the streets, the shopfronts, the hustle and bustle. It’s got a certain magic feeling that can’t be explained in words. What piercing would you recommend to our readers? For anyone new to piercing, our specialists can offer a consultation and help you create any look, from a heavily curated ear full of gold to a beautiful single lobe piercing that will truly stand out. –– Club Mexicana GROUND FLOOR, KINGLY COURT Why did you choose Carnaby for your first permanent restaurant? For the vibe – it feels relaxing whilst still bustling, upbeat and really fun, just like Club Mexicana. Describe Club Mexicana in three words. Big, bold and colourful. What’s on the Club Mexicana playlist? We have a whole mix, but we love a good ’80s playlist!


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