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Bosworth and Helena Christensen (who turned up for drinks with Reffstrup wearing the same Ganni coat) came up with the #Gannigirls hashtag, and Reffstrup is right about the egalitarian appeal of the brand. “I love Ganni because it’s effortless,” says Laura Jackson, broadcaster, founder of Hoste and huge fan of the brand. “The colours and shapes are inspiring, and I’ve never felt awkward in anything Ganni. I’ve been wearing it for years and I treasure every single piece.” Great, timeless design, be it Arne Jacobsen furniture or Bang & Olufsen stereos, is imprinted in the Danish DNA. This 11-year-old fashion label has a canny knack of nailing fun, ‘just thrown together’ cool pieces, which wear as though they

Ditte Reffstrup

From its spirited giant ruff collar blouses to its large-check trousers, via its viral hashtag #Gannigirls, which has been adopted by a coterie of influencer fans, the cult label has managed to convert a cabal of stylish women into apostles of a new fashion movement. “The Ganni girl isn’t one polished persona,” says Ganni’s Creative Director, Ditte Reffstrup. “Firstly, it’s Ganni girls, plural – everyone is welcome. It’s a mindset or attitude more than a sense of style. It’s about confidence and having fun, with something unexpected you can’t quite put your finger on.”

predictable; these Danish women wear big boots with pretty dresses rather than heels. There’s nothing uncomfortable or challenging about Ganni’s vision for your wardrobe, and music, travel and books are just as likely to inspire a collection as fashion trends are. “People-watching gets me going,” she admits. “But I always go with my gut feeling and what I am drawn to.” It was Reffstrup’s instinctive and nostalgic love for London that led Ganni to open in Carnaby in summer 2019. “Opening a Ganni store in London is a dream come true,” says Reffstrup. “It’s a city that has always had my heart – I’ve been coming here for inspiration since I was a teenager. It was my first ‘big city’, experience. Coming from a small town in northern Denmark, my whole world cracked open.” Prepare to be Gannified.

could be vintage, they could be from the most ancient depths of your floordrobe, they could be your mum’s or they could be brand new. A Ganni collection is an eclectic mash-up of contemporary fashion design delivered at decent prices. “We’re lucky to sit alongside luxury brands but offer an honest price point,” says Reffstrup. It’s the Danish girls cycling around the city and the unique twist they put on their outfits that are a catalyst for Reffstrup’s creativity. It’s a look that is often counter-intuitive, never

From high-street hero pieces to supermodel hang-outs – Kate

Ganni, 36 Beak Street –– 05

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