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Our Purpose as a Company

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Why You Need Slack


SLACK: Kill the Email Overload With Instant, Effective Communication

intrabusiness conversations. Instead, we use Slack, a messaging and chat app, to house most of our internal communication. Slack is a bit like the instant messaging apps you may remember from your adolescence, only it’s designed for workplace use. Slack uses a two-layer organization system to group employees, dividing them first into teams and then into channels. Teams are the broad groups of employees that can view a certain set of channels. For example, you may create a team consisting solely of members from one department or another. Once teams are created, you can then establish channels for various topics, ranging from collaborative projects to tongue-in-cheek memes. Furthermore, you can also create private channels that will only be visible to their members, as well as direct messages to specific employees.

In addition to the best-in-class organizational features, Slack works so well because it ditches much of the formality of email. You won’t feel obliged to include headers, signatures, and other formatting etiquette. You’ll also never spend time filling out a massive list of CC’d recipients again. Slack allows you to reach everyone who needs information quickly and concisely, fostering teamwork and information sharing. Is Slack a replacement for email? Of course not, but it does provide you with a different avenue to discuss issues within a team or department. In essence, it allows email to work better, because it narrows its scope. It’s been a game-changer for us, and we think it could be one for you too.

Rapid, effective communication is an essential factor for the success of your business. In the hyperconnected world we live in, team members need to stay informed of up-to-the-minute developments in order to do their jobs at optimal levels. For a long time, companies relied almost exclusively on email in order to foster that communication. While there’s still a place for email, it’s no longer the most efficient method for

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