Value-Based Health and Care Academy Brochure Spring 2021

ABOUT VALUE-BASED HEALTH AND CARE GLOBALLY We believe that the primary focus of our health and care systems should be achieving the outcomes that matter to people focusing on their wellbeing, in both health, care and disease, at the lowest possible cost when building on people’s strengths and targeting our interventions on what really makes a difference. This is the essence of Value-Based Health and Care (VBHC). VBHC represents a goal that has the potential to align all stakeholders in our health and care systems. A focus on achieving the outcomes that matter to people at the lowest possible cost, brings together patients, families, clinicians, provider organisations, governments, private insurers and life science companies. Working towards the same goals will magnify the positive impact we have on people’s lives, including their emotional and physical health.

The concept of VBHC was first introduced for health systems in 2006, by Professors Porter and Teisberg in their book Redefining Health Care.


REGIONS LEADING IN VALUE-BASED HEALTH AND CARE •Wales •Australia •Basque Country •Brazil •Catalonia

•Canada •Denmark •England •India •Italy •Ireland •Netherlands •Portugal •Scotland •Singapore •Sweden •USA


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